Raid times: Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday/Monday 9-12:30 Server time.
Requirements: 10/16 minimum, extensive raiding experience, a min/max mentality, able to make 95% of raids, and able to follow directions.
Recruitment System: Every player who meets the above criteria will be given a 2-3 week trial period. At the end of such period you will be told if you are accepted into the core roster.
About the group: We have created a God comp to push server first in 5.3 racing against the Sargeras powerhouse, Midwinter. They are currently ranked 17th in the world, meaning that we are striving for 16th in the world or better. Three of our members are Ex- Blood Legion while there are many other skilled raiders in the group. Although the group has taken a long time to set up, only the most elite raiders have been accepted from one of the largest alliance servers. If you have any questions or would like to apply, message me directly or contact Rampage on US Sargeras Alliance.[/B]