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    I think we've met the first killer of WoW today.

    The elder scrolls online, ive watched and ive always said that, no, warhammer online wont kill wow, rift wont, guild wars 2 pfft what... Star wars? wasnt a plan to play it either way but i was never concerned it couldnt tackle the giant.

    WoW is generally the only game i play, besides a good retail that comes along like assassin's creed and Skyrim last year.

    Skyrim, one of the best games i have ever played, a retail game like assassin's creed that pokes it head out and makes you give wow a rest while you play it.

    Im not a huge follower of the elder scrolls but we all know it has a huge backing and the universe for the entire region(s) of tamriel is gigantic.

    The one thing i believe that made wow become such an unrivaled mmo was warcraft 1-3, it had its back story that made it so full that every other online game like..'rift' seem so hollow is how i'd describe it.

    Now the next 'wow killer' is out and it has the similar loyalty of its retail games like wow did.

    If the elder scrolls online becomes a threat it will be because they've sat back and watched everyone elses mistakes like SWTOR did by not being as updated as wow was, wow has every utility imaginable for a guild, SWTOR didnt, i mean we've all seen francis's rave on youtube

    As he complains about no duel spec, no guild banks etc, this is why wow stands so far above the rest of online mmo giants is because they have so much utility, the only way TESO is going to be a threat is if they have implemented the right utility and flexibility of the things you can do like in wow, and because of its fanbase.

    But at the end of the day.. whats going to make wow so much better if this game becomes a real threat to blizzard is because wow will HAVE to complete its character model updates possibly next expac!

    Not confirmed but thats just what i think blizzard will do next to rival TESO because it cant beat its fanbase out.

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    The title of this thread is going to attract a lot of hate and eyerolling.

    FYI; Age of conan, AION, Rift, DCUO, GW2, SWTOR and TERA were ALL rumoured to be wow killer. Which leads me back to my 1st statement.

    Also, using francis raving on youtube to make point is very very poor referencing.
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    If people can't get into the story, they can't get into the game. Also this thread is likely to get locked.

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    Why would it get locked, its general for wow and its just an opinion

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    For a while there so many new MMOs were coming out that were all allegedly going to be WOW-killers, it's been so long now since one released that hasn't totally flopped I hadn't even considered that this kind of ignorance would crop back up for elder scrolls online.

    I wish people would stop making the stupid "wow killer" posts for every. single. new. game.

    But alas, it's like wishing people would stop acting like the sky is failing every time their class gets some nerf or another. It will never happen. Too bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapecleave View Post
    Why would it get locked, its general for wow and its just an opinion
    Stating things as WoW killers are inflammatory, change the title of the thread I suppose.
    I will also add a competing developer only answering the desires of a vocal minority won't make a game that appeals to the broader playerbase; certainly won't detract from WoW's player base, but for a temporary group of the vocal minority.

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    I don't think wow is all that great but atlanTES is gonna flop harder than tortanic.

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    SWTOR had the entire starwars universe backing it up. Having a fan base does not make for instant success, it just makes for lots of angry fans.

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    The only thing that can kill WoW, is WoW itself, as we are slowly finding out.

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    So... WoW will die if it doesn't update the player models? Ok... sure...
    Sometimes updated...

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    Oh look, fans bringing that retarded term back up again. How cute and quaint.

    Kill me now.

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    Lol, here it goes again. With every new MMO this happens.

    stop it, no new MMO is going to kill WoW.

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    Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls has a huge popularity now thanks to Skyrim.

    It also looks like a very well designed MMO I look forward to playing, one of the better since WOW came along. I don't think it's going to "kill WOW", but I think it has a good chance of being one of the more successful of the MMOs. If they went with full on dynamic action combat I think they would get even more newcomers to the genre, but at least it seems they have a kind of hybridization of the combat.

    It looks like a really good game and I've been following it since it's announcement. The world design and flow of terrain looks artfully placed and thoughtful, really the best terrain in an MMO I've seen next to WOWs. The look of the movements and sense of weight when you run and jump looks really good as well to me in the videos.

    These things, along with the popularity of the brand, are going to go a long way in exposing people to MMORPGs that never played them I think as well as successfully entertaining them.
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    I disagree. While I am excited for TESO, there simply isn't enough information about it yet for it to be worthy of any hype whatsoever. I saw the cinematic too, but that's all fluff. I want to see some gameplay, and even then, whatever we see once beta starts is highly subject to change.

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    Im hoping Elder Scrolls online will be great. Love that universe.

    But it won't kill WoW. The only thing that'll kill WoW is itself (which, for any sort of project or company, is the greatest honor). It's just too big of a powerhouse on the MMO market.
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    Elder Scrolls online isn't going to kill WoW.

    It might be good though. I hope it is. That'd be awesome.

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    Blahahah, another wow killer thread. Dont you kids have anything better to do?

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    Elder Scrolls Online... You mean that completely generic looking MMO that's going to use Elder Scroll's assets, and nothing else?
    Ah my gosh so excited.
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    Oh god here it goes again...

    Listen you can play more then 1 game. Nothing needs to die, except these kinds of threads. The cinematic was cool and I signed up for the beta I hope it is a good game I like playing more then 1 game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oxyra View Post
    The only thing that can kill WoW, is WoW itself, as we are slowly finding out.
    are you trying to say wow is dying? cause last i checked, it got it's subs back up.

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