Andonisus is a Swedish guild on Silvermoon. We´ve recently got together from having a break and while the majority of us have experience back to early Vanilla we have a mixed roster of gals and girls with various achivements/experiences in the game.

At the moment we´ve been strugling to get a full roster. And therefore our progress is not satisfying enough. As soon as this is sorted our progress will take a nice turn.

What do we look for?

As we raid Wednesdays and Sundays and a occasional extra day for progress it is crucial that your attendance is close to 100%. We do however underdstand that things in the real life may come in first hand and would never question that. We put hig value in maturity and social aspects, therefore an age above 20 is prefered even though exceptions can be made.

We are looking for the following classes/specs.

Elemental/Restoration Shaman
Unholy or Frost Death Knight with a Blood OS.
Fury or Arms Warrior with a Protection OS.
Feral/Guardian Druid

We do have open spots for exceptional applicants. Please feel free to contact me ingame for any questions or a chat on my battletag mumlet#2256.