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    Optimizing my gear/output - Disc Priest

    Hey guys,

    I´m not 100% comfortable with my priest and asking you to put me in the right direction. General I have the feeling that my healing output could be higher (if not much higher), but my gemming/entchanting and my way to heal prevent this.

    For my gear I try to get spirit, hold a comfortable haste value and for the rest go all mastery. No crit, I don´t like crit ^^ Atm my gear is a little bit weird I think, but that´s why I´m asking you :) Do you think this is solid to optimize my throughput?
    I´ve macroed IF with GH and PoH and AA, PI and SS... last one since yesterday, made a big difference in healing, but not optimal I think. Infight I try to use PWS with rapture, PoM mostly on cd , here and then a renew on the tank. My Raid healing mostly consists of Atonement, if damage is a bit higher then PoH to get people high (xD) and if that´s not enough additional Cascade. For heavy damage spikes my AA/SS/PI macro and Cascade are my heros. Mindbender with trinket on cd and rest if needed.

    Would be very happy if you have any tips for me and my priest :)


    HDA: worldoflogs.com/reports/aw9iyoc4cu5jnhxt
    MV: worldoflogs.com/reports/a49pjts1cwbaq69k

    Sry can´t post links :/

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    Disc is very gear dependent. You will do better as you progress. You can't afford to have slots without spirit, also dont reforge mastery, stack it. Forget about haste, and dont listen if someone here say otherwise. Watch for DBM timers, learn encounters and time your Spirit Shell properly.
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