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    Cataclysm Bull-Run on EU Eredar!

    My dear WoW players, celebrate with us on Friday 21.12.12 at 7.30 p.m. the final Cataclysm and join the great Bull-Run with Barclay, Woax and the "Eisernen Legenden". We promise a lot of fun and a great time. You can get further informations from Barclay(german) and Woax(german) on Blackmoorer/German or Nyøthe(english) on Eredar/German. Also on www[DOT]eisernelegenden.clanwebsite.de and www[DOT]youtu.be/sQF9K-t-Uu0 (German(!)). The Event will take place on Friday at 7.30p.m. on the Realm Eredar/German at the starting area of the tauren. We'll meet you there!

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    But...but I'll already be raptured then :'(

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    Man, sounds like fun, too bad I'm on US =( Would love to try out EU sometime soon.

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