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    The point of this is, at 90 in pvp gear when a warrior just sits in DEF stance. As a rogue you can open on him and bash him all you want, the instant he chooses to react you get to die. They can pretty much 3 hit a rogue with no problems at all. It takes almost all of a rogues tools and CDs to blow past second wind in D stance. It takes a 3x as skilled rogue to even have a chance at this point in the game vs a warrior. Pretty much reversed of what it used to be.

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    You get out there and try. Practise, practise, practise. Then again, I find it hard to believe he won over you. I'd never duel a warrior when I'm playing my rogue. Heh, maybe I should try my own advice?
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    you have gear
    Stop using this as the reason for losing. Its obviously not why if you outgear him. Even so you shouldn't be losing even if he outgeared you slightly. Just learn your class properly use CDs properly, if you're a FOTM reroller 5.0 with the "LOL 1 SHOT MACRO XDDDD" right at the start of the duel then thats why.

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