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    Disc isn't lost. (pvp)

    So I refuse to believe that disc sucks right now so I've been trying some things out. What works pretty good now is to use disc as only a instant hot and shield healer in pvp. I run renew glyph, innersanctum glyph, and power word shield. I only use inner will as our mana sucks right now. And basically you end up being able to spam shields and renews and prayer of mending, the speed boost from will keeps you moving. Never stop moving. And you end up being a druid for the most part that's the best way I see disc right is to set urself up for instant spells and lots of running around. Granted I am not a ranked player but just by changing up to this setup I have seen my survivability and all around performance increase.
    Try it out lemme know what ya think.

    PS not power word shield glyph I meant to say penence glyph.
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    shouldnt you use pain supression glyph?

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    So how do you survive burst/high sustained damage (warriors)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bkw View Post
    shouldnt you use pain supression glyph?
    Exactly what I was thinking, it's too good to pass up.

    6% less spell damage from inner sanctum is good but it's only against casters you can very easily LoS them while pain supression is useful in alot more situations.

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    Priest is definitely viable in the right hands (2s speaking), if you want to go over 1800-1900 you should team up with a mage or rogue. Get a healthy amount of spirit like 8000+ (Darkmoon trinket is great). Use inner will as much as possible, only use inner fire when youre getting heavy trained and dont have any support from your mate/def CDs. Im personally using Pain Sup (mandatory), Inner Focus (Mandatory), and Shadow word:death (dependant on matchup). You might want to pick up Desperate Prayer if you feel like you're short on defensive cooldowns.

    If theres any questions, i can help out and give my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhilin View Post
    Priest is definitely viable in the right hands (2s speaking),
    I wouldn't use the word Viable to describe Disc (Or Holy) in anything in PvP.

    Actually, I wouldn't use the word "Viable" to describe Holy at all. Maybe "Almost functional." in PvE.

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    Mage disc played well is 2k material, id say thats viable

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    There were some PVPing holypriests managed to hit 2200 in the last season too. Doesn't mean it was a good idea to do so. And while it may feel satisfying to succeed at the role of the rabbit in the fox den, that doesn't make you a fox.

    In PVE, holy ain't bad IMO. It just ain't disc.
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    This is clearly directed for bgs where anything you do works fine. being able to play to 2k in one comp isn't what makes a class viable, at best it makes the comp gimmicky.

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