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However you defend Reforgelite, at the end of the day you can't compare a limited lua addon with the powerful algorithms ....
Sometimes I think people get a little too caught up in going after the perfect reforge. In general, what I want is to end up with stats that are close to optimal given my gear. reforgelite lets me set certain caps (force me to be hitcapped, get me as close as you can to a haste breakpoint, etc) and then does the best it can do for the other stats. Assuming the stat weights are close, I don't know that there's a great difference between the supposed BEST reforge and one that's close. Obviously if you're going for server firsts or better that's a different concern but aside from that being slightly non-optimal in your reforge (even granting your point), just isn't a huge deal. It's FAR better to use an addon and come close that to not bother because it's toomuch trouble to go external.

The reason I like RFLite isn't the calculations... it's that I can apply them in a batch process so that once things look good I hit a button and.. boom.