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    Lessons of the Darkmaster vs Carbonic Carbuncle

    Which one is the best between the Expertise with str use trinket and the Str with crit proc trinket?
    I cant decide because Expertise is a valuable stat, but the other one has strength, but it has crit which is the worst stat for ret palas.
    Please help me decide

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    Look at it this way: Are you unable to recover the expertise from Lessons with mixed gems/reforging? If not, keep lessons. If you can get that expertise with gems+reforging, then Carbuncle is better as passive strength trumps secondary stats.

    Edit: Forgot to mention why you would want to go the gem/reforge method: a pure primary stat gem can only give 160 of that stat whereas a pure secondary gem grants 320. So if you have 3 sockets, you're effectively replacing the expertise of Lessons while gaining 367 strength (847 strength from Carbuncle - 480 strength if you were gemming pure strength = 367 strength)
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