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    GPU Upgrade

    I was wondering if this Graphics Card would be good for WoW.
    Except the one I want to buy is 2gb. Right now I have a 1gb Radeon 5450.

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    im gonna say... on low settings, you'll get 20fps in low pop areas? if you're lucky.

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    It might seems like jooking, but this GPU is really bad. Im not an expert in hardware, but I recently bought computers parts to make my own computer. I did a lot on research to buy my GPU and I obliviously checked this one. This is a old model they renammed. The Geforce 610 is the same as the 520. If you want to do internet surfing and that kind of things, Its a good gpu, but if you want to play WoW... its not a very good choice.

    I can't tell if it is better than the one you actually use, but if you really want to upgrate your GPU look for a newer model.

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    Well the 610 is quite bad for gaming its mainly for home theater PCs.

    GPUs can be quite tricky if you don't have much experience.
    And WoW is really CPU dependent so if your CPU is crap.
    You wont get much of a performance boost if you just update your GPU.

    For GPUs
    ATI 7850 / 7870
    Nvidia 660 / 660TI
    and Some thing like a Intel i5 3350P / i5 3570K CPU
    So if you have like a old Phenom dual core i would strongly recommend upgrading your CPU And Motherboard first
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    You can even get away with a Geforce GTX 460 Ti or a GTX 560 Ti. Either will run WoW pretty well. Like RaZz0r said, don't skimp on a CPU.

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    Around $100 this is probably the best card you can get right now:

    MSI Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition
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    Err, the only possible reason I could see you getting that is for the low price. Trust me, it's not worth it.

    Buy even a used GE Force 560, 560 TI, 570 or 650. I had an ATI HD 5770 which was good up until the later area of Wrath which now, even used, is still $80+. May as well get a 560 for $20-40 more.

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