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    Terrible Disc Priest LF 10s/25s.

    My gear isn't good, and my progression for this expansion is bad. Really bad.
    If you can overlook that, then get at me if the rest piques your interest.

    Armory: us.battle.net/wow/en/character/Uldaman/Awria/advanced

    Looking for either 10s or 25s with 10s preferred. Not too hardcore, not too casual.
    The reason my gear and progression is bad right now is because the guild I'm in is pretty casual, and I haven't raided with them in the past few weeks due to some family issues and my sub running out. But even so, they've only killed 4 bosses.
    Since MoP, WoW has felt like an absolute chore, and I'm hoping that with a guild that has some decent progression, and some fun people, that it can revive my love for the game.
    I really enjoy the people I play with now, but I feel like I've got to do something so as it doesn't feel like I'm just wasting $15/month.

    I don't care about the days that we raid, and I don't care about the time, just so long as it's anytime after 6PM CST. (Get off at 5, and get home at 5:30.)
    No more than 3 days, preferably, but more might be considered. Of course, if you raid more, then you're probably too hardcore for me.

    I used to play a DK, and was 6/12H at the beginning of Cata before I quit and sold that account. (Before the nerfs to T11.)
    Before selling, I had made a RAF account and began leveling a priest. So, I decided to come back just for the hell of it and finish leveling and begin healing.
    In DS I was in the US 221 guild for DW, downing him at 15%. Also got Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider at the same time.
    At the beginning of DS, I was in a guild that I truly loved, but had to leave due to the GMs(yes, there were two) beginning to date. This would not normally be a problem but they brought it into raid. (Saying awkward things, and rolling on gear and mounts for one another.)
    In there I got 8/8, Morchok at 0%, Yorsahj and Ultraxion at 5%, and Zon'ozz and Hagara at 10%. The last 3 at 15% with the US 221st guild(in 25s).
    Before that, I was in the guild for the world first kill of Flame Levi, but wasn't in the group. I switched out for someone and they got it down. Don't read too much into this, as in reality, they really just got lucky. They've never gotten even close to top 20 before, or since then. Got H-LK down at 30%(bad) on my DK.
    Sinestra at 85, H Rag at 85.

    I quit the US 221 guild after downing DS, because of the guild leader's atmosphere(would yell so much, it was fucking stupid) and DS wearing me out.
    Came back at the end thinking I could play casually, but quickly realizing, I need progression. Some sort, at least.

    Willing to go horde, in fact, prefer it, but don't really care in the end.

    Willing to app, but I feel like this is an app within itself. (But I understand still having to do so.)
    Any Vent/Mumble interviews/more information wanted get at me: RID: [email protected]

    Thanks for taking the time to read my novel!
    I am American mentally, with Japanese tendencies.

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    We're actually looking for an Spriest with Disc os for our 10m core progression. 1 of our core raiders (priest with same spec) had to leave due to real life issues so we are in need of an spriest to fill his shoes.

    Serenity Now, Horde-US Stormreaver. 16/16N 1/16H.

    Our raid times are
    Mon - Wed 8-11pm server (central time).

    Feel free to stop by and drop us a pm in game.

    Nekked (Tekniquez#1927)
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    Unfortunately I don't have any shadow gear, except gloves from LFR. I know HOW to play shadow, but I doubt I'd be any good at it in a raid environment.

    Thanks for the interest though! If you happen to need a healer, be sure to let me know.
    I am American mentally, with Japanese tendencies.

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    Still looking!
    I am American mentally, with Japanese tendencies.

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