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    [email protected] Recruitment Open! (10Man Hc)

    Hello there, i'm a officer for Causality, on EU-Khadgar.

    A little about the guild

    We're a group of IRL friends, having known each other for an excess of 3 years+. Having previously been in guilds together, we know how each other plays and the best strategies for progress within the guild and for each other. We raided together in a guild throughout WotLK and Cataclysm having achieved ranks in the top 400, quickly reaching 12/12 hc shortly after the world first kill, alike our 13/13 hc in T11, 7/7 hc in T12, and 8/8 hc in T13. Now, after some members had a short break waiting for the MoP release, we're back together in a new guild, representing a new name, and aiming for server firsts and top ranks.

    Due to lack of dedicated raiders in the roster, we've had to pug randoms from trade to be able to raid recently, resulting in a lack of progress so far.

    What we look for in our raiders?

    We believe in having an enjoyable atmosphere while raiding, among a serious attitude to strive for progress. As a raider, you have to be reliable, come prepared and have some what flexible days and times as the roster is subject to change to achieve kills pre-resets. We believe that the best performing players will have the spots, so there will always be an essence of competition among players in the guild to get raid spots. We're NOT a hardcore guild, we will not be raiding for 5 out of 7 days a week, however when we raid we believe in a "hardcore" raiding mentality. You must be able to speak somewhat fluent english, have access to mumble and internet at home (No internet cafés please, we've had bad experience with players who play there) and a working microphone as it's essential for communication.

    What we can offer you?

    As a guild we can offer you a stable, high-end raiding environment aiming for the best progress possible, all with a healthy community of friendly and helpful players. We believe in having equal rights throughout the guild, no dictatorships, EVERYONE has an equal say on what happens. We'll supply the majority of you're raiding needs, i.e flasks and pots.

    What are we recruiting?

    A tank of any class
    A healer, preferably not a paladin
    Some exceptional DPS, priority on ranged
    However any exceptional applications will definitely be considered.

    How to contact us or/and to apply

    If you have any questions or inquiries you'd like to ask the GM or officers, then please don't hesitate to contact us via battle tag:- Bov#2576 / Catfail#2493

    If you're interested in applying to the guild, or to read the guild rules etc, then you can reach the information and applications on causality.guildlaunch .com"

    Thanks for your time, enjoy reading and we hope to see you in game soon.
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    Bump Still Looking

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