Better Than Life has recently migrated from Zenedar to Silvermoon due to a totally dead Alliance population that stifled our raid progress.

We are a semi-casual raiding guild with around 5 years of history behind us on Zenedar. We started in Kharazan/ZA and have progressed through all content since then in both 10 and 25 man modes. Unfortunately, the state of Zenedar Alliance has restricted us to 10-man only raiding for the past 2 years.

We are now looking for at least 1 more tank and 1 more healer to help boost our 10-man raid team, but all classes are welcome. We are 4/6 MV at the moment, but this is merely down to the fact that we simply didn't have the player availability on Zenedar to raid all the time.

We pride ourselves on a fun and friendly atmosphere, with no pressure to raid if you don't want to. This is how we have endured for 5 years on Zenedar whilst almost all other guilds crumbled around us! But when we do raid, we like to do it properly and expect people to be prepared & show up. Our raid nights are as follows:

Tuesday - 9.00pm to Midnight
Thursday - 9.00pm to Midnight
Sunday - 8.00pm to Midnight

We are looking for polite, fun and friendly members who have a good knowledge of their class. However, we much prefer someone who is willing to improve and has the right attitude, than someone who is amazingly good with a bad attitude.

For more information, and to apply, please visit our website here - and check out the forum.

Alternatively, please feel free to whisper any Better Than Life (BTL) member in-game, and they will be more than happy to chat. Officers include:

Oriaz, Agdistiz, Nirrassil, Lleuad, Xercitus, Angita

Thanks for reading,
Cheers, Ori

p.s. And yes, for the nerds out there, "Better Than Life" is a reference to Red Dwarf

"Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for Breakfast"