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    [A] The Logical Cube (10m) Eonar-EU

    Our guild was created on the 4th of June 2006. Since then, we raided in every expansion and every tier. Like many guilds during Cataclysm, we were forced to reduce our raid team to 10-man and we continue raiding in this mode.
    Our greatest strengths are the loyalty and skill of core members, friendly atmosphere and a will to put the good of the guild above the short term desires of individual players. This allowed us to uphold over eight years of raiding tradition and stability, as well as quite a few Realm First achievements.
    We are always on the lookout for exceptional players from all roles, classes and specialisations, however currently we are in high demand of:
    - a healer, especially a holy paladin or a resto shaman.
    - a ranged dps, especially a boomkin or a warlock.

    We are not a strictly hardcore raiding guild, we stick to a raiding schedule and do not frown upon players needing time off. We expect exceptional performance but also understand that anyone can have a bad night.
    One thing we demand is effort though; slacking and lack of respect for other people's time, are the top reasons why someone would not fit our guild.
    It is also important to note, that we prioritise people who play well. You can be sure, that if your long term performance is better than that of someone else, you will replace them in raid, regardless of rank.

    More details on what we expect:

    - Being able to attend at least 4 raids in a week.
    - Extensive class knowledge.
    - Understanding of new encounters before the raid.
    - Ablility to bring the required consumables to raid.
    - Optimal PvE enchants and gems.
    - Good situational awareness and fast reactions.
    - Being able to take criticism and feedback on your performance.
    - Having a stable PC and Internet connection.
    - Maturity, friendliness, control over one's emotions.
    - Ability to fully understand spoken English and use Teamspeak during raids.

    What do you can expect from us:
    - Stable raiding with experienced and mature people.
    - Good atmosphere within the guild and activities outside of main raids.
    - Fair loot distribution.

    Our guild-bank is well managed, provides money for repairs, off-spec reforges, gems and enchants.

    Our raid times:
    Monday: 19:15 - 23:15
    Tuesday: 19:15 - 23:15
    Wednesday: 19:15 - 23:15
    Thursday: 19:15 - 23:15
    Sunday: 19:15 - 23:15

    Apply at:


    For more information feel free to contact:
    Claffy (Claffy#2366)
    Zubacz (Zubacz#2902)
    Loopey (Madraze#2555)


    Our achievements throughout history:


    - Upper Blackrock Spire [CLEARED]
    - Zul'Gurub [CLEARED]
    - Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj [CLEARED]
    - Molten Core [CLEARED]
    - Onyxia's Lair [CLEARED]
    - Blackwing Lair [CLEARED]
    - Temple of Ahn'Qiraj [CLEARED]

    The Burning Crusade

    - Karazhan [CLEARED]
    - Zul'Aman [CLEARED]
    - Gruul's Lair [CLEARED]
    - Magtheridon's Lair [CLEARED]
    - The Eye [CLEARED]
    - Serpentshrine Cavern [CLEARED]
    - Black Temple [CLEARED]
    - Sunwell Plateu [CLEARED]

    Wrath of the Lich King

    - Naxxramas [CLEARED]
    - Obisidian Sanctum [CLEARED] Realm First! Twilight Zone
    - The Eye of Eternity [CLEARED]
    - Ulduar [CLEARED] Realm First! Death's Demise and Celestial Defender
    - Trial of Crusader [CLEARED]
    - Icecrown Citadel [CLEARED] Realm First! Fall of The Lich King
    - The Ruby Sanctum [CLEARED] Realm First


    - Blackwing's Descent [Heroic CLEARED]
    - The Bastion of Twilight [Heroic CLEARED]
    - Throne of the Four Winds [Heroic CLEARED]
    - Firelands [Heroic CLEARED]
    - Dragon Soul [Heroic CLEARED] Realm First!
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    Small update on recruitment.

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    Thank you for the applications! We are reviewing them and will get back to you, as soon as possible.

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    Updated recruitment.

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    Found a healer! Still recruiting the rest!

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    Updated recruitment, due to new applications.

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    Updated recruitment, due to taking on new Trial members.

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    Updated recruitment

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