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    Talking ¤ [H-10] 1/13H - Late Night - LFM Core Spots - (US) Stormreaver

    Invicto is currently looking for team orientated players.
    We are looking for professional minded players who have experience in top end raiding.

    Current Progression
    ToT: 1/13H

    Guild Needs
    Regardless of what our recruitment status says we’re always looking for exceptional players.
    Plus, I'll consider paid transfers for players who impress me enough.

    Tanks (1) : Paladin, Warrior

    Healers (1) : Holy Paladin

    DPS (1) : Warlock, Hunter, Ele Shaman

    Raiding Schedule - (10.5h Week)*
    Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: 11:30pm-3:00am (CST)

    * - During progression, raid times might be extended if close to a new kill.

    What we require and expect from you
    ¤ Ilvl 510+
    ¤ Mature and friendly attitude.
    ¤ Ability to take and accept criticism.
    ¤ Understanding Team Play
    ¤ To wipe on new content, without an issue.
    ¤ Trials need 100% attendance during period.
    ¤ You must listen and speak on Mumble.
    ¤ You need to have full knowledge of your class.
    ¤ Gear min/maxed
    ¤ Full knowledge of current raids and near future raids.

    What we don’t want
    ¤ Immature players
    ¤ Players only in it for the loot
    ¤ Inconsistency, be it in attendance or performance

    We don’t and won’t carry players. If you don’t make the cut we will replace you. It’s unfair for the raiders who give it their all. Only serious players should apply to us to avoid wasting either of our time.

    Trial Information
    ¤ Just because you transfer does not mean we will keep you if you can't perform
    ¤ Lower priority on loot for 2 weeks
    ¤ If you do not show up during any of the raids in Trial you will be rejected

    Server Info
    Battlegroup 7 (Rampage)
    Primarily Horde

    If you meet the above requirements and/or believe that you are an exceptional raider, please contact Angrydruid (BloodRaged#1607)

    You can also see some of our work via our web site http://www.invicto-gaming.com/
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    Seeking serious players only, please don't waste your time if you are not ready for a semi-hardcore environment.

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    getttttttttttttttttttttt back up there you!

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