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    Update: Alright, so the monkeys have organized and locked me in my office. I should be fine, but I don't understand their language and could be in peril as I type this. I'm bumping this in case I don't make it. Will update later if I survive the first couple hours of imprisonment.

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    Update: The monkeys have assimilated into my family and have replaced me as a father figure. My neighbors suspect nothing, but they have allowed me access into more of the building than the prior hours. I feel like they are giving me a false sense of security, but I will take anything at this point. Bumping so someone sends help or possibly a bushel of bananas to the front door in the next 15 minutes so I can possibly escape.

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    Update: Well, no bushel of bananas arrived so I'm assuming I'm alone on my en devour to escape this imprisonment. I am learning there ways in an attempt to reason with them. I feel my sense of self slipping away with each passing hour as I become more like them. Is this there plan? To slowly strip me of my identity and then throw me back into society? I will bump again with an update on this philosophical conversation I am having with myself.

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    Update: I have begun my attempt to flirt with female monkey who seems to be in a sort of "relationship" with the monkey who is in charge. There isn't really a dating atmosphere here, but out of all the female monkeys who have slept with this one male, she has slept with I'm the most. I feel if I can gain her affections and attempt to show the monkeys that I am a stronger male than him, that I can than turn his group against him. I worried that in my attempts to gain the affections of said female that I will start to look for monkey type of qualities in human females if I get out of this alive.

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    Update: Apparently the monkeys understand some basic English because they have managed to find these updates on the internet. I am trying to convince them that these updates were not a cry for help, but rather as a journal of my time in captivity. They have restricted my access back to one room again and I don't know what they will do next. I am missing Rachel, which is the name I gave to the female monkey I was trying to woo. I hope she is alright without me, but I am concerned I am missing a monkey this much rather than human contact.

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    Update: I believe they have agreed that these updates are not a cry for help, but actually a journal. They have allowed Rachel to see me twice a day and each visit is like a small shining piece of hope in this dark situation I find myself in. I began to wonder during the period between now and my last update if these updates are really a cry for help anymore. I feel like this time in captivity is doing me some good and possibly I should remain here. I fear that one day I will wake up and no longer want to be rescued and rather stay in captivity with Rachel...but that day has not come yet and the part of me that wants to get out of here is still holding on strong.

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