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    Salvaging My Old Computer

    Hey everyone I was wondering if its possible/ a good idea to hook up an old hard drive I just got out of my old Windows XP computer. My current computer uses Windows 7 and on the paper glued to the Hard drive it describes how to install it on a Windows XP/ Vista computer so I have no idea if it will be compatible being that Win7 didn't exist when it was made. So as I said before is it possible to get this piece of junk working without frying my computer?

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    Tbh as long as it isn't a old IDE HDD you should be able to plug it in with out any problems

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    Depends if it has a sata connection or not.

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    I am having Sata Connection , Please explain the complete procedure with details.

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    I guess you are not going to format the old drive and use it as a system disc for windows 7. It should be possible to just plug it in as long as it's using a sata connection (as many ppl have already said)

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