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    Streamlining My Options

    So I've made the decision to streamline my class choices due to work picking up, and generally being stuck as a Casual player.

    I've made the following decisions/choices:

    Cloth: Warlock (Disliked the Priest class, and Mage was too easy. Found Warlocks to be the 'Tankier' of the three and won overall.)
    Leather: Monk ( Debating Druid... have one at 85 but idling as a Scribe alt currently. )
    Mail: Hunter (Haven't rolled one yet.)
    Plate: Currently have a DK, but debating a Paladin or Warrior option. Warriors finally got some love lately and love the Berserker rampage deal but seems as if Paladins have a lot more tools.

    What helped you all streamline your toons?

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    Is there a reason you have decided to use one of each armor type? I decided I liked healing so now I just play priest monk Druid shammy pally.

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    I originally had all 11 slots filled, and I just don't have the time for all of them and want to work on one armor type as a basis so I don't have toons fighting for gear. It seemed to work since it helped me drop my priest and mage. The classes are fine but I wanted a class that I could do more with. Warlock met that desire and the ability to tweak itself to becoming a stronger clothy vs Affliction/Voidy.

    Leather side, I'm torn. I love stealth and choosing my fights, but the monk is a powerful class when played correctly. Druids just seem to have a large toolbox to pull from.

    Mail: I may leave this alone. Only a Hunter would be viable here since I do not like the Shaman class.

    Plate: This is where I'm torn further. I love my DK. A lot. But I would like to strap a shield on at some points and help things teamwise where I see the Warrior being that mobile tank vs the Paladin with a few more options. Leaning more towards the warrior currently.

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