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    Heroic Patroler's Girdle of the endless Spring?

    So unless Im missing something, isnt HM Tsulong/Lei Shei abit harder then the first 2 bosses HM HoF? Maybe Lei isnt?

    This belt seems to be inferior to the belts obtained from first 2 bosses from what was supposed to be an easier instance. (We all Know ToES is a joke ((On norm))

    I'm just asking as it is currently on the BMAH for 50k. I dont see myself killing HM Tsulong anytime soon, but Hof is another story.

    This belt only has one socket compared to the other 2 which have 2, a + 8x strength improvement, but a gem can totally beat that.

    Am I wrong or is this belt bad for if you're farming the first half or so of HM HoF?

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    The belt from Blade Lord is BiS, it has haste. It's also needed, because if you have a belt with hit, your 4 set plus pants from Heroic will set with have over 3k unreforgable hit.

    Don't waste your money buying any other belts.

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