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    Poor performance on system, could you some help/advise.

    Hello people,

    Last Saturday I bought myself a new system.

    Motherboard: Asrock FM2A75 Pro-4
    Processor: AMD A10 5800K FM2 (HD Radeon 7000 serie is intergrated with this)]
    Memory: Corsair 16GB DDR3 1333
    Harddisk: WD 2TB
    Windows 8 Oem 64bit

    I installed WoW, as default it puts everything in High Settings.
    Review test result indicated a 60fps performance on High settings
    Unfortunately I got about 8-10 FPS
    I checked out a lot of updates, but couldn't find anything. There must be a switch that I missed.

    Thank you for any help or recommendations,


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    i could allready tell you its a gpu problem. i know the intergrated amd gpu are pretty good for onboard. but noting beats a stand alone gpu.

    and also there is a computer section on this forum. ask a mod to move it.

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    A quad core and 7000 series will run real nice (60-75 fps) at a medium setting and look pretty darned good. Your review may have been referring to the pre-Panda graphic settings. IMHO, you got a very nice system. To run at the highest setting would have cost you a lot more and with only a little bit of better picture.

    EDIT: After this week's reboot came a change (?) that now allows my Quad core, AMD 7000 series card to run at ultra with pretty good frame rates. I'm not sure what changed. I've selected the next highest to avoid the occasional shutter or slow down.
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    I don't even know what to say.

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