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    "Geek culture" websites - Comic books, tech, video games, etc.

    So guys, what are the best entertaining "geek" websites that you know of?

    By geek I mean focused on Marvel/DC comics, video games, and so on.

    I've seen Adventures in Poor Taste for some humourous articles, sometimes on WOW, Pokemon, and reviews of weekly comic releases.


    IGN is flamed for being too mainstream, but their comic book section is good enough for the casual comic reader to make a "pull list". CBR can be a bit daunting for a casual reader. Has some nice editorials and such.


    P.S Try not to just list - provide a rough description!

    Semi-bonus points if they have a subsection on WOW, and humourous opinion pieces.

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    does that include d&d or no?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    I know of this great one called mmo-champion...
    This for me to!

    This is probably the only geek website I go on that fits into your description, so this is it for me
    The only thing I'm that interested in, in the list in the OP is tech and I get plenty of tech news from sourcefed like this amazing thing

    So maybe check out sourcefed.

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