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    Aff Lock: Macro with Soulburn, Soul Swap, Haunt?! HELP!

    I'm trying to create a castsequence macro for my aff lock. I want to cast Curse of the Elements then Soulburn, then Soul Swap and then Haunt.

    I've tried:
    /castsequence Curse of the Elements, Soulburn, Soul Swap, Haunt

    but this ends up casting soulburn a second time AFTER and BEFORE Soul Swap and then casts Haunt after the second time it casts soulburn so it removes all my dots...

    I tried:
    /castsequence Curse of the Elements, Soulburn, Soul Swap
    /cast Haunt

    But this worked the first time then 'froze up' and wouldn't let me do it again, at all, ever.

    I don't know what's going on, but macro'ing soulburn then soul swap to apply my dots doesn't seem to allow me to cast another spell after soul swap without casting soulburn again... HELP!

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    Looks like it bugs out because of soul swap not triggering gcd.
    This should work as intended: (I added reset after combat or after 10 sec)
    /castsequence reset=combat/10 Curse of the Elements, Soulburn, Haunt
    /cast Soul Swap
    And btw. if it is your pull rotation, you should precast Haunt before it lands (0 sec of pull timer) you apply curse of the elements and soul burn - demonsoul - soul swap and instantly spam malefic grasp (to 10 stacks of agony ASAP)
    But as I always say don't get used to castsequence macros, this can be easily done with separate key bindings.

    Castsequence macros may not give the result you want. If you spam the macro above while you are in the gcd you will cast soulburn but not soul swap, I really recommend you to do it by yourself, but this is your decision.

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