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    Quote Originally Posted by DocQuantum View Post
    I really hate that attitude. You're essentially telling the other four people that your time is more valuable than theirs: it isn't. Don't expect four strangers to carry you because you're "in the middle of something." I don't care if it's 1-2 minutes or 10-15: you're wasting their time. I don't care that it's super easy to four-man heroics: you're wasting their time. And I really don't like people that waste my time, then turn around and act all victimized, like it's my fault I'm upset that they're wasting my time. If you weren't ready for the instance, DON'T QUEUE.
    How can he be ready? The queue is unpredictable and he was probably doing dailies just to pass 20 minutes. Have some patience man, it's only a minute 30, you're only loosing one out of 1440 minutes.

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    Ha, unfair.

    I feel u shouldn't get the buff for being kicked.

    BUT not sure if it was brought up in the thread but the OP said he messaged in PARTY chat.

    that chat is literally only for ur party you grouped with before entering the dungeon (or in your urself).

    the other people will would only be able to see /INSTANCE chat.

    so it is possible they kicked you because u werent there, and it seemed like u didnt say anything.

    Not sure if there are settings to change this, but this is how mine is set up, and it is very annoying.

    /instance chat.. WHY WAS IT ADDED! lol

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    The same thing happened to me just a few minutes ago.

    I queued as a healer, accepted immediately.
    At that time I was watching a movie so I alt-tabbed (during the loading screen) to pause it. That action (to my mind) gave me a loading lag for 30sec.
    When I tabbed back I saw this picture: loading screen fot the jade temple, a sec later pandaria loading screen and a note 'you have been voted ...' = deserter debuff!

    How Is This "Working As Intended" Situation?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonwing View Post
    I am sorry for thinking a 1-2 minute wait wasn't too much? Hell, they could have pulled and killed some of the trash without me easily.
    To be eligible for getting vote kicked you have to be outside of the instance for 3 minutes, adding your 45 seconds of the popped queue, you had 4 minutes to finish your quest and get inside.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonwing View Post
    they could have pulled and killed some of the trash without me easily.
    They did, and realized that you're not of any use if you spend your time outside of the instance.

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    I don't think the reasoning for the kick was why the thread was started. The blue post specifically stated it wasn't working as intended, plus think of it this way. Say you are a hunter, and get into a LFD group consisting of 3 guildies there to gear up the 4th, a guildie enhancement shaman. Say they see you as someone who will slow down gearing that shaman because you roll on the same gear. So they kick you just for that. Should you really get deserter for that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nindoriel View Post
    I didn't say anything about waiting for a "cooldown to come up". Your point was, that the group can decide what is too long for them. My point is that, so can I. But that doesn't make it reasonable. That's why I picked a very small timespan to show that it wouldn't be fair to kick someone just because I can.

    You're saying I would be impatient. But someone, who can't wait 1-2 minutes is also impatient.

    You're saying it's not fair to put my time above everyone else's. But when the group decides to kick someone because they don't want to wait 1 minute, they are doing exactly that. "Our time is more important than yours"

    And all of that because of a delay of maybe a couple of seconds. Because that's all it is. Having one less DPS in the group for 1-2 minutes will not delay your group run for 1-2 minutes. You can start without him. You'll have a little bit less DPS, but he's not blocking your progression. He'll join you about 1-2 minutes later, but he will not delay the dungeon run for 1-2 minutes. Only a couple of seconds.

    Posting in this thread took longer. But, ah, your time is so precious.
    if you took the time to read what i posted i added that the cd reference to make it realistic. it's obvious you're one of those entitled people who will never be happy unless everything is on your terms. i feel very sorry for you and those around you.

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    kinda feel bad for u lol.. but i can see why they kicked u. in the future try and put the group in combat constantly so they cant kick u.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaios View Post
    Don't you have to wait a couple of minutes after the dungeon starts until you can even kick someone? I tried to kick a couple of bots from our instance group while leveling my twink monk and the error message always stated that I had to wait a couple more minutes until a kick is even possible.
    I've occasionally kicked someone right when the dungeon starts because they immediately said they were afk, or I noticed them putting someone on follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by announced View Post
    kinda feel bad for u lol.. but i can see why they kicked u. in the future try and put the group in combat constantly so they cant kick u.
    I really hate people who'll start off ninjapulling off the bat when people aren't ready for it and whatnot. If they're not the tank they'll get my vote to be removed from the dungeon! It is the tank who should pull and pulling when people aren't ready is something that happens way to often. Al though people should be ready when they enter a dungeon, it might be that they need to change spec (healer who was doing dailies as dps or tank who was doing something as DPS), as you know you have no mana after respeccing. Or someone who's quickly grabbing a drink during the loading screen, a fast toilet brb or something else. I don't want to wipe because you're scared of getting kicked and by handling the issue that way you're much more likely to dissapear. At least, in my group you are!
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    its a glitch it happens from time to time

    ---------- Post added 2012-12-20 at 08:13 PM ----------

    or maybe they havn't fixed it yet

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    I understand the issue you have.

    But if you don't get kicked, you won't experience this problem.

    You can't get kicked while INSIDE of a dungeon for like 5-10 minutes, but if you're outside (like you were) it's intended that you can be kicked right away.

    I don't get frustrated with this bug, because I don't get kicked from dungeons.

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    Didn't read thread. Would have kicked OP from the group. Deserved deserter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RicardoZ View Post
    Learn to read. The OP isn't complaining about being kicked, he's complaining about getting the deserter debuff after being kicked. That shouldn't happen. Blizzard knows it shouldn't happen. Blizzard said there looking into fixing it well over a year ago. It still isn't fixed.

    Legit beef.

    If you do not enter the instance and are capable of being kicked you are a deserter. You are given a buffer timer for accepting. After that you have either turned down the queue or committed to participating. If you choose not to actually participate you should be considered a deserter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethes View Post
    Why should you be additionally punished when you DC? Being kicked and got dc'd isn't punishment enough for something beyond your control?
    thats how tanks avoided the deserter debuf back win wrath when they got oculus the logged off and waited then logged back on and no debuf,

    as for the topic i wouldn't kick him since he said something if he hadn't i would tho, if we get to the last boss and the afk person hadn't returned id kick him, no1 gets from valor from me
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    I would have kicked you too.

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    On a guild run (4 guildies, 1 pug), 3 weeks after launch, I had to deal with the likes of this dude. He entered the instace after we had downed the first boss saying something along the lines of "Sorry, I was afk, did you wait for me?" We did tell him the first boss was down and he went on a rampage because he needed that one boss' loot. He asked us to kick him so he wouldn't get the debuff but oh well... Let's just say votekick failed (insert evil laugh here). He got sooo mad, total nerd rage. Instead of doing the instance he just kept following us from a safe distance and giving a couple hits to the bosses. By the time we arrived at the endboss we didn't want the jerk to get valor so we did kick him. It didn't last as long as a deserter debuff but the tears, oh the sweet tears! Then I remembered you could get out of a party after the first boss with no penalty and /w him... Had to put him on ignore shortly after XD

    Just as that dude, the OP got what he deserved. When I'm waiting I do dailys too, but if i have to grab a vehicle, I make sure I do it first to avoid trouble. I hope they never fix this!

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    You seem to be under the assumption that no one is rightfully kicked. People who behave in ways that warrant them a boot deserve to wait extra long.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonwing View Post
    So I learnt a lesson today

    I would have kicked you too. If someone is in my group, whether it's a 5man or a 25man, I want all players inside and playing, or please leave. No afk'ing, none of this "sec plz, questing". If you aren't going to do what you were invited to the group to do, I can easily get someone else to do it.

    Oh... as for the deserter bug... oh well. There are tons of bugs that they never fix.
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    So I was queued for a heroic on my mage while doing Klaxxi, Golden Lotus and Shado-pan dailies. While doing every quest at the same time, a queue pops. Since I was in a vehicle for a daily, it did not put me in the instance right away.

    I looked at the group members and I see that they are in Temple of the Jade Serpent. Good, I needed a few items from there. So I said "sec, vehicle" in party chat and that I wanted to finish the rest of my 20 dailies, which would only take 30min. As it loads me out of the vehicle, I am votekicked from the group. Mildly annoyed, I go to requeue for heroics. After all, it was only a 10 minute queue in the first place. However, I open up the LFD menu to see "You recently deserted a group and cannot queue again for: 29 minutes 45 seconds."

    Guy's what happened??? I mean isn't it understandable to let me do 20 dailies and make people wait after they are inside clearing trash? All they had to do is say "hey we are on a boss...teleport in" then after I would have teleported out and continued to do my dailies after the boss fights. There's nothing wrong with letting other people do trash while I do dailies is there? I mean.....that's crazy that I got vote kicked!

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    I'd hate to say it, but a majority of you on here are nothing more then immature dicks for saying that the OP deserved to be kicked or that he shouldn't have done anything while waiting for the queue. DPS queues are absurdly long compared to the Tank and Healer queues (DPS queue - 25mins, Tank - <1 min, Healer - 1 - 2 mins, average times during peak play hours). The OP was making the best use of the time while in queue, not sitting in the cities and bitching about having nothing to do in game, and got kicked by some douches over it. Secondly, the OP got the Deserter debuff after being kicked, something that IS NOT INTENDED. The OP didn't bail on the group, he was vote kicked out. He got punished because some impatient twats didn't want to give him approx 1 minute to get loaded in.

    The OP was kicked via an abuse of the system, and got the debuff from a bug that still hasn't been fixed since Cata (I've experienced the bug several times during Cata, and a few times so far in MoP). Try getting kicked from TotJS because the tank decided to pull all of the elementals going to the Jinyu boss, and the boss at the same time, and then stand in the water expecting to get healed through. Full guild group from Ragnaros + Wipe = Blame the healer and kick, which resulted in me getting the deserter debuff (so a 30min wait because i got kicked for some other's stupidity). Was that fair of me to get a debuff because of the retards not knowing mechanics, no, it's something that shouldn't have happened.

    @OP - Honestly, the best way to avoid getting kicked from LFD/LFR is to queue as a group. It helps remove the chance that you're going to get some jerk who feels that if you're finishing off a vehicle quest you're wasting there time (like most of the posters here).

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