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    Quote Originally Posted by thevolget View Post
    I'd hate to say it, but a majority of you on here are nothing more then immature dicks for saying that the OP deserved to be kicked or that he shouldn't have done anything while waiting for the queue. DPS queues are absurdly long compared to the Tank and Healer queues (DPS queue - 25mins, Tank - <1 min, Healer - 1 - 2 mins, average times during peak play hours). The OP was making the best use of the time while in queue, not sitting in the cities and bitching about having nothing to do in game, and got kicked by some douches over it. Secondly, the OP got the Deserter debuff after being kicked, something that IS NOT INTENDED. The OP didn't bail on the group, he was vote kicked out. He got punished because some impatient twats didn't want to give him approx 1 minute to get loaded in.

    The OP was kicked via an abuse of the system, and got the debuff from a bug that still hasn't been fixed since Cata (I've experienced the bug several times during Cata, and a few times so far in MoP). Try getting kicked from TotJS because the tank decided to pull all of the elementals going to the Jinyu boss, and the boss at the same time, and then stand in the water expecting to get healed through. Full guild group from Ragnaros + Wipe = Blame the healer and kick, which resulted in me getting the deserter debuff (so a 30min wait because i got kicked for some other's stupidity). Was that fair of me to get a debuff because of the retards not knowing mechanics, no, it's something that shouldn't have happened.

    @OP - Honestly, the best way to avoid getting kicked from LFD/LFR is to queue as a group. It helps remove the chance that you're going to get some jerk who feels that if you're finishing off a vehicle quest you're wasting there time (like most of the posters here).
    Give it a rest, dude. You can do your dailies whenever; if someone decides that they'd rather have 4 other people wait for them as they finish their daily right then and there, rather than simply resuming it after the instance, then that is so extremely disrespectful towards one's fellow players that those doing it discard any basic right they might've had to be respected by their group. If you don't care about your fellow players, why should they care about you?

    Enough time is wasted in LFG as it is. Let's say your last group was terrible, with 3 out of the 4 other players preforming horribly, and now you just sat in queue for half an hour waiting for your queue to pop, then for your next group you get this series of events: Tank canceling his role check, healer afk for the next one, dps afk for the next one, dps afk for the next one, then you finally get in and one guy announces that he can't be bothered to join the group right now because he's busy doing something else, after that you just waited 30 minutes for the checks to pop, then 5 minutes for random anonymous afkers to accept their role checks, and by now you've just had about enough of your fill of dealing with obnoxious people and situations for today. Then you clear all the trash to the first boss, and that guy still hadn't zoned in.

    Yeah, maybe if that was a stand-alone event it would be easy to tolerate, but with all the bullshit going down in LFG, people's tolerance for more bullshit being piled on top of them deliberately by other people, to whom they have the ability to respond and thus take out their frustration with the system, is low, and it shouldn't be surprising to see people get kicked for minor breaches in player etiquette.

    My advice for LFG is to try to be as nice and helpful as you can towards people, as long as they're at least attempting to preform their role to the best of their ability. If you can't even do that (which you're not doing by deciding that you'd rather finish a quest before joining, when you know that most the others - at least the dps - in that group all also probably just waited just as long as you did to get this thing started) then you deserve whatever you get thrown at you.

    If getting deserter for being votekicked right away is not intended, then it should be. It would serve as another incentive not to waste your fellow players' time. I can complete several heroic instances in 10 minutes on any of my tank characters easy (including gate); the only thing that really can slow it down is low dps on bosses. If the OP needed 2 minutes to join a group in Gate of the Setting Sun, then that means his group of "impatient twats" and "jerks" cleared all of the trash before the boss, and stood around at the boss waiting for quite a while before they finally did something about the guy outside the instance preventing them from carrying on... if you're not even going to enter an instance by the time it's been cleared 1/4th the way to the end, then the people kicking you are not "impatient twats"; if anything they're pretty tolerant.

    Maybe before you call other people "immature dicks", consider things from their perspective next time.
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    I'm not sure that I buy OP's story as told. To my knowledge, it's impossible to kick a group member 1-2 minutes into the dungeon (unless he's gone offline).

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    Quote Originally Posted by thevolget View Post

    The OP was kicked via an abuse of the system, and got the debuff from a bug that still hasn't been fixed since Cata (I've experienced the bug several times during Cata, and a few times so far in MoP).
    Abuse of the system ? I can only wish that every dungeon you enter, every person in said dungeon says "Busy doing dailies"...and takes their sweet time getting there. Oh but I'm a baby cause I don't want to clear the trash for your highness..Oh terrible selfish of ME!

    I should stop being a baby, when I go into LFR, I'll just post, I'm busy doing call me when trash is cleared...and While I'm at it, I'll just AFK onthe boss fights too, because it can easilly be 24 manned. I have really important stuff to do and can't be bothered with the raiding me when loot is ready.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonwing View Post

    I am sorry for thinking a 1-2 minute wait wasn't too much? Hell, they could have pulled and killed some of the trash without me easily.

    Besides, the reason I was kicked is totally irrelevant to the point of this thread. Whatever the reason, getting a deserter buff from being kicked is improper, and it is frustrating that this issue has been known for so long yet it has not been fixed.
    You're right, it's a bug. And you were rude. YOU knew you'd only be a minute or two... they had no way of knowing that. You might have been dicking around for 10 minutes for all they knew. Could they clear trash? Yeah... but here's the thing. It's a GROUP activity. It's not all about you and it's presumptuous to think that 4 other people should bend to what you want. You're DPS. You're easy to find. I'd have voted yes too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thevolget View Post
    The OP was kicked via an abuse of the system, and got the debuff from a bug that still hasn't been fixed since Cata
    This isn't a bug. Being able to kick people outside of the instance, AFK or offline has been around since the system was introduced.

    He was in the middle of a quest that did not allow him to enter without leaving the vehicle, this much is true, but his group had no idea what he was doing. All he said was "sec, vehicle", he didn't ask the group anything to see if it was okay for him to finish before joining, he assumed that he could just do whatever he wanted and never took the others in the group into consideration.

    What he should have said: "Sorry guys I cannot enter because I am in the middle of a quest, please give me 2 minutes and I was be inside - sorry!"
    Instead he just said "sec, vehicle".

    I know I would have kicked him for being rude and others would have as well. The second you don't respect people is the second they aren't obliged to respect you back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by traen View Post
    He did not said that you don't have to queue. He said that you shouldn't accept the queue.

    OR, if you decide to accept you should understand that it will be you who will pay the consequences. If you fail to finish your quest in a grace time given to you by blizzard (I'm quite sure that its either 2 or 3 minutes, not less), or if you fail to convince your party to wait for you, you will get kicked and receive your punishment.

    Who do you think is the bad guy is in this situation?
    - Blizzard, that allows groups to kick players that don't participate in clearing dungeon.
    - A party , who decided that they don't want to spend their own time for a person who did not even say "please".
    - Or a player who decided that his time is more important than other 4 players time, and for some reason thought that it is up to him to decide whether to make them wait or not.

    Lets make some simple calculations. He decided to save himself 3 minutes of time tops. While other party members waited 4x2 = 8 minutes combined. It seems to me that he acted pretty selfish and the kick was well deserved.

    Pretty much this. If there's something I hate, it's waiting for people to do things, they could have done BEFORE queuing. I get annoyed at my guildies, if they aren't ready for the raid invite due to retarded things as well. So it's not just some LFD entitlement I got going on, it's a general issue for me. I may not be very patient in general but I'd consider myself as fair.

    So had the OP said "Guys I'm stuck in a vehicle quest and I'm almost done, is it okay to finish it?" Then the group could have given him an answer and they wouldn't have felt like he was basically acting like a snowflake, joining whenever it suits him. And yes, you can clear the trash up to the first boss in 2 mins in most dungeons. And judging from all the comments, it wasn't 1½ min, it was 2 mins+.

    Whether or not it's a bug I don't know but it sure sounds like it's working as intended. Nothing worse than slackers who just say "brb" and then ports in whenever the hell it suits them. People like that do deserve a kick and a debuff. If your time holds any value to you, then expect it to hold value to others as well and respect that.

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    Dont know why this is still open.

    Mature people already agreed that 1 or 2 minutes wait is nothing to get dicks over and start kicking,

    Immature people already agreed that they should kick whoever they want whenever they want.

    This is repeating over and over .

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    You had two options: Spend 2 minutes doing it after your run. Or do it 2 minutes for your run expecting the others to "easily continue to clear trash" without you while you did something that in no way benefits them.

    You were in the wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonny888 View Post
    But why should anyone wait for you? Why is it fair to expect them to clear trash for you just so you can come back in for the boss kill?
    And okay, even ignoring whether you deserved to be kicked or not: Yes, of course it should give you a de-buff. It's supposed to be a punishment. Not a work-around to leave the dungeon without any consequences.
    This. I'd kick your ass. I don't do dungeons to wait on people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Treelife View Post
    Sorry OP, but I agree with the majority here. If you expect a group to wait for you or do a 5man with 4 people (yeah, I know, easily doable) making them do more work it isn't going to work. I wouldn't have kicked you personally, but it's still not fair to make people wait.

    On the topic of the debuff, it SHOULD give you a debuff when kicked else people would just be a dick or go AFK as mentioned above to skip the queue times when they don't want to leave and get deserter.
    Im pretty sure if he didnt say anything, they wouldnt even notice one is missing.

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