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    SWAT during 'crisis'

    by the time these guys load up and get to the scene after there has been a reported shooting, all the victims are already dead and the gunman has already put a bullet in his head.

    in columbine SWAT were on stand by outside the high school LITERALLY while the two gumman were still killing students.

    last week at CSUF, a armed robber entered the university at 5:00 and SWAT didn't clear the building untill 11:35 pm. thank god he wasn't in the building or went on a rampage killing students, because I really don't know what SWAT's response would be. much like columbine I guess.

    just seems like these guys are more "SHOW" than "GO".

    i could be completely wrong or maybe im just bitter?
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    I think you need to realize they have to find out wtf is going on before they go in guns blazing. They also have to consider explosives.
    Their job isn't to get killed asap, it's to stop crime. Sometimes I'm sure there are made bad decisions but it's impossible to perform optimally in every possible situation.

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    I'm pretty sure most SWAT members would like to move in right away if they think there is a shooter gunning down civilians. That is their job. Of course when you have a group of men (or women, w/e) trained to take out people that the 'average cop' cannot handle, the likelyhood of civilian casualties goes up, as does the likelyhood of hostages being killed (if there are any).

    It generally isn't SWAT's decision when to go in, but someone further up the ladder than them.

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    Trouble is, SWAT have very little control over their own actions. If one of them sneezes, they can't wipe their nose until 3 different department heads give them signed clearance.

    And they are pretty much fucked no matter what they do. If they wait until the have all the intel, and the approval of their superiors, then people with your mindset complain that they aren't acting quickly enough. If, on the other hand, they say fuck it and just go, then somebody else is going to complain that they jumped the gun (Personally, I believe these two groups have a huge overlap). And honestly, it's hard to say which is the better option. When you take autonomy away from any professional, they are going to become slower and less efficient at their job. However, the more autonomy you give them, the more likely they are to make mistakes.

    So what do we choose? Slower reaction, or more mistakes? Either way, we're fucked. That's why I'm usually in favor of going easy on law enforcement and service members when they fuck up. Because it's literally impossible to never fuck up.

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