Denial is a raiding guild with two ten man teams well into Tier 14 progression (6/6 MSV, 1/6 HoF with work on Ta'yak). We are currently in the process of organizing one of our ten man teams. Currently, we are seeking:

Range DPS,Preferably a Warlock, but any ranged DPS would fit our needs.

A guild with more than 4 years of history, Denial has continuously fostered a mature and family oriented atmosphere paired with a longstanding ambition to experience and progress through WoW’s most exciting PVE content. Players interested in joining should apply at: or speak to Crianthia (Battletag nbcaffeine#1857) in game. We will also enforce an 18+ age requirement for applicants.

Our raid currently runs Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00-11:00 PM server time. Previously, our group has accomplished:
11/12 Heroic ICC pre 4.0
T11n clear pre-nerf
6/7n Firelands pre-nerf, 2/7 heroic pre 4.3, 20 man Dragonwrath Completed in Jan 2012
6/8 Dragon Soul pre-nerf, up to 6/8 heroic pre MoP.
Dragonslayers pre 5.0
6/6 MSV 10n
1/6 HoF 10n

We organize fun runs of old content for Transmog gear and Achievements weekly, have members that participate in RBGs, and are working on more fun things for the near future (Pet battle tournaments, Herald of the Titans group, etc).