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    Quote Originally Posted by jbhasban View Post
    Uh. Spicy food is oily. You need to wash it down with fatty stuff. Whenever I have too much hot shit in my mouth, milk never does anything because I only have skim milk. I always take a swig of olive oil, some bread, mush it all around in my mouth, then spit it out. That always does the trick.
    guess its a good thing i drink only vitamin d whole fat milk?

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    I just say spicy foods are not good for your health. They can produce serious problem in your digestive system and also badly impact on your stomach. So eat clean, natural and healthy diet.

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    If a given food has some possible health benefits, then it is not specifically because it is spicy.
    Alcohol is not healthy simply because there are some reported benefits from red wine.

    If could be specific ingredients, perhaps something part of a specific flavouring and needs to be carefully considered on a per-food basis since even multiple foods called the same can vary considerably.

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    In moderation helps you digest. Also when abroad like in asian countries always go for spicy, it might save you from getting food poisoned.

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