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    Shadow priest vs hunter

    Hi, i've been leveling Up my sp for q While now, and I'm wondering how's the current state of shadow priest in dps, usefulness and everything compared with the hunter, is it worthy the change? Will the sp over dps the hunter in any fight, considering that I can use both with the same skill

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    I wouldn't worry too much about the DPS at this point. No class is getting sat for not bringing enough DPS. Some specs maybe, but shadow is not one of them.

    In the utility front, shadow is pretty good. Shadow's biggest fortes are the ability to offheal in a pinch, and dispel. Shadow also brings the haste buff, which is actually pretty rare and much loved by casters and healers everywhere.

    Compared to the hunters... I dunno. Hunters are extremely versatile as you can offer pretty much anything by bringing a pet of choice. But I would still go shadow for dps. It's all down to this question:

    - Do you want to be able to convince your enemies they need to die by speaking but a simple word...
    - ... or do you want to be one of those people who are just a little too fond of animals?

    The answer really gives itself
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