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    Question [PVP] Elemental survival troubles

    Hey, so i really like playing shaman and in pve im doing alright, but when it comes to arenas, i cant survive more than 15 seconds sometimes, is there anyone that can give me some pointers or something, atm im using Stonebulwark totem + call of elements (totem cd reset) and Ghostwolf glyph and Eeathgrab and i got 63% resilience, and somehow i cant survive for very long, i get stomped.. can it really be right? if i change spec to resto its so much easier but way more boring in 2s.. (465 pvp ilvl)

    Armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/bronzebeard/Zpikdum/simple

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    We're pretty flimsy in PvP currently. So flimsy, we're getting a 20% buff to Stone Bulwark Totem in 5.2, as well as the spec now sharing Shamanistic Rage with Enhancement, for an additional damage reduction CD.

    So in short; it's not "right", but you're not missing anything either. But it's been recognized and they're trying to address it in 5.2.

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    PvP elemental survival is an oxymoron. I tried it last season, never again.

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    Now take this with a grain of salt but from the looks of it on the PTR Patch notes come 5.2, that ele might be getting a little love as far as pvp stands.

    Shamanistic Rage is now available to Elemental Shamans as well as Enhancement Shamans.

    Stone Bulwark Totem now absorbs 25% more damage.

    Glyph of Flame has been redesigned. This glyph now causes the Shaman to heal for 50% of the damage dealt by Flame Shock.

    again these are early ptr patch notes and could very well change at anytime.

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    Glad it wasnt just me.. was about to go crazy..

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    As much as i welcome these buffs/changes i still do not think its going to address our problems, i really wish we had a something like a blink ability tied to the ghostwolf, call it leap/jump and put it on a 30 sec cd.

    These changes will make us harder to kill thats for sure but we still going to be trained on.

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    Stone bulwark and shamanistic rage changes are really nice. I don't like the flame shock glyph tho, that periodic heal will be too small to change anything.

    On the other side every class is getting nerfed somehow in pvp, so I would expect to see more ele shamans soon.

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    a good ele shaman plays withs a god of a healer and a dps that peels more than he damages. good luck finding idiots to play with you, thats basically the struggle you have embarked upon. you have to excel at your spec and try harder than anyone else. get used to it. 5.2 buffs wont change that much, so far.

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    I maintain that one of our biggest issues which I don't see being fixed, sadly, is the fact that thunderstorm is so unpredictable (lest you have time to examine the terrain you're fighting upon first). If there was a way of making the knockback less reliant on terrain difficulties, it would certainly make life easier.

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    Also Thunderstorm lost value with all the melees having so many ways to close gaps between you and them. Also a knock back effect used to be unique to the ele spec and balance: now every druid pick it, demon locks got it and hunter got explosive traps.

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