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    Sigh, yes desktops will always be able to have more graphical and processing power, and be able to outmatch most laptops (at least for now.) I will concede to you on that, indeed. I just don't know why you would need to run WoW at anything higher than 60 fps LOL. But hey, whatever strikes your fancy.
    Going back to the OP's original concerns though... he should be able to get a very powerful desktop setup with a price point far below his budget. Paying more than $1200 MAX for a desktop is insanity in and of itself.
    Custom building is always the best option, and it isn't hard whatsoever. I bet even a monkey could figure out how to insert everything into it's proper slot and screw the mobo into the case haha.
    You'd be surprised at how high you can tweak WoW, and then you throw in a 25 man raid... yeah, you'll lose frames.

    But I think a 1200 budget is quite reasonable. In fact, if the OP is building their own, their budget could buy an extremely top notch PC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Methanar View Post
    24 hour shifts sounds like a horrible idea.

    I'd prefer the guy who is saving my life not to be sleep deprived by at least 8 hours. Regardless of how much coffee he's had.
    Well, that's the way most ambulance companies I know of work. Granted, these guys have an Apartment available to them and during down time they get some sleep, same as fire fighters, but there are days he is running the entire 24 hours as well. Regardless of it being a horrible idea or not it is what happens every day. Every single day sleep deprived ambulance drivers are saving people lives. TO keep it on topic, these guys need laptops if they want to play, which a lot do. The private company that my friend works for over half the staff own gaming laptops and play at work, including the owner and dispatch. They could not do so with desktops.

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