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    Cyberpower PC Black Pearl

    Good evening, gurus and sages of the Comp forum.

    In the past, I've posted threads asking for advice about a good gaming comp. Well, in a few weeks time, I'll be picking one up, the Cyberpower PC Black Pearl.

    I realize I could get the same thing cheaper if I simply bought the parts and put it together myself, but I'm really not that interested and my financial situation has changed to the point where money on this issue doesn't matter.

    Is this a good all-in-one comp to pick up, or is there a better one out there that I haven't seen yet?

    Advice and suggestions welcome, gentlemen and ladies.


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    Not really for the money wasted on a 3820 w/x79 board, 800 watt psu, 16gb of ram, and a gtx 650 you could get a a 3570k, 8gb ram, a good seasonic/corsair psu 450-550w, an ssd, and a way better video card. 660ti/7950 pretty interchangeable if you have a brand loyalty and this machine is 100 cheaper. If youd like you could even bump up to a 7970 or gtx670 for the price of the machine you listed.

    If you really must go with a cyberpowerpc I'd get the holiday specialIII starts at like 850 and upgrade the video card to a 7950, change the cooling to the corsair h60, comes with a 3570k, change the case to a cm haf 912, change the psu to the corsair 650tx, get 8gb of Gsckill ripjaw x 1600mhz, and a 128gb OCZ vertex 4 ssd and a 500gb WD cav blue. The total price comes out to 1271 just a little more than what you were planning on with the black pearl, but Id also look at the link I listed for building your own.
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