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    Shred from behind getting parried in arena

    What the hell is this? I remember reading about this in season 3, where ferals would shred someone from behind and get parried. Why is it still happening?

    I've just lost a 3s match because a Warrior happened to survive our cc/burst timing with a whopping 2k health. He parried my SHRED -twice- in a row, and instead of dying, he got healed back up full and fucked us all up.

    And NO, I'm not using the Glyph of Shred that removes the positional requirement. Its easy enough to hit someone from behind. Except that it doesn't matter, because shit gets parried like crazy.

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    The game's always been like this. I believe the positional requirement is determined client-side while the avoidance would be up to the game server. Just because it looks like you're behind the guy on your end, doesn't mean the server will agree with you.

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