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    Quick Question Regarding Alt Server

    So... I recently decided to start playing Horde on another server mostly to experience the opposite side of the lore ect. Anyways, being an altaholic, most characters will most likely end up at max level, however I was just wondering if it is worth leveling crafting professions at all on a server I only play on occasionally. This is mainly due to the fact that for some reason mat prices are inflated like crazy and crafted item prices are super low, I feel that it would be better to just stick with gathering on all the characters on that server. (Exceptions are Tailoring/Enchanting so I can always sell bags)

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    It really depends on what server and how much you intend to get out of that char. I'm afraid no one can answer that accurately other than you.

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    I only roll gathering proffs on alt servers, then I have money makers and access to mats without effort. Mining / Herbing is popular, plus the XP you get from doing both. You level twice as fast. Just my .02.

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    Generally, when I start a new toon, its always with gathering professions regardless of what I want him to be eventually. Just keep all of the useful mats you pick up and you will have 90% of what you need to power level a crafting profession when you hit 90 if you choose to swap. Otherwise, you have a bunch of mats that you can sell for a pretty good amount of gold. Not to mention, herbalism and mining give you a decent amount of experience per node, so you get a small levelling boost from them too.

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