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    Couple GC tweets:
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    The part we agree with is that we think the challenges for Disc PvP are survivability (Focused Will didn't do enough) and mana.
    Sounds like mana and survivability buffs on the ptr for sure. Holy will most likely get Holy concentration; Don't know how they would buff Disc mana regen only in PvP without breaking PvE. Obviously removing temp spirit buffs will lower PvE gain, so there may be wiggle room there. MAYBE another mana cost slash or making Rapture proc for 400% mana if dispelled.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    It's not supposed to be a DPS spec the way Shadow is. We were probably too generous with Mind Sear.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    All the people comparing Holy to Shadow seem to be ignoring the fact that Holy is also beating a lot of non-priest DPS specs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler
    Right. A Shadow priest should never consider going Holy to increase their DPS.
    What a mess. Holy dps > Shadow. They will probably just nerf holy instead of actually balancing the game and buffing Shadow's single target and nerfing Holy as needed.
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    Things that i would like to see changed.

    Let Mind Blast and SW: D Scale with haste like a Paladin.
    Let Shadowy Recall have a chance to duplicate ANY shadow damage like DTR, not just dots. (Perhaps not Mind Spike) Re-balancing the scaling as needed.
    Replace the SW:I/PW:Solace Talent.
    Add a Passive Haste buff to Power Infusion Talent and let it stack with Heroism/Bloodlust.

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    Holy changes needed:

    - Serendipity needs updating to become relevant again in an expansion where Flash Heal is rarely cast, at a minimum allow Solace to stack Serendipity to catch back up and make the next GH or PoH instant cast. Maybe have Serendipity also reduce the cooldown of our level 90 talent by 10% per stack.
    - Add Glyph of Surge of Light - Changes your FDCL talent proc to immediately heal a nearby low-health player rather than stack the procs for manual use.
    - Bring back Blessed Resilience
    - Allow all Level 90 talents to refresh renew while in Serenity Chakra
    - Reduce the cooldown of Divine Star from 15 to 12 seconds so it can skillfully be used to refresh renews before they fall off
    - When Guardian Spirit is cast while in Serenity Chakra allow its cooldown to be reset to 60 seconds if its death effect is not consumed


    - Add Solace to Atonement
    - Make Divine Insight's Holy effect the same for Disc
    - Add 10% increased crit chance while Archangel is active

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    - Slash rapture mana gain to 175% of spirit
    - SS on 2 min cd.
    - DI working exactly the same like holy version.
    - Mastery working with AB
    - Add Solace to Atonement
    - Make halo work opposite way for healers (weaker on the edges , strong near source)
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    Halda, I don't agree that giving us a new cd to buff single target damage would make us op in pvp. If it only buffs MF for example its not gona change anything really. Something that would buff MB or DP would probably make us totally op in pvp, but buffing MF would be fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ksiadz View Post
    - Make halo work opposite way for healers (weaker on the edges , strong near source)
    That would make Divine Star completely obsolete, unless they increase its radius again.

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    For Holy
    Removal of Chakra.
    Manaregen talent; HC or something proccy.
    I do believe Holy need some kind of oomph. Something interesting and useful. I liked the physical dmg reduction with critical heals. Something similar to that or maybe healing taken increase.
    Sanctuary ground spell reworked to last for a shorter period and heal for more or perhaps just remove this to. I did like it in FL though.
    CoH needs a slight buff to be better than pure PoH+DI spam.
    Mastery is pretty boring and does too much overhealing. Retune so it ticks twice as fast.

    Only a couple of small fixes I would like to see. If I would try to write everything I would be up all night:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falsified View Post
    Halda, I don't agree that giving us a new cd to buff single target damage would make us op in pvp. If it only buffs MF for example its not gona change anything really. Something that would buff MB or DP would probably make us totally op in pvp, but buffing MF would be fine.
    Agreed, though im so tired of the whole "would make us op in PvP" we are underpowered where the majority of people play which is PvE. We are not like other classes we can't go to a "PvE spec" instead of PvP. I have nothing against PvP but stop nerfing people simply because of it. A buff to MF would be nice, namely replacing the glyph currently to remove the speed decrease but allow it castable while moving, but that will not fix our massive single target DPS issues. Every other class for the most part has some sort of built in CD, give us PI as a normal cd (and let it work with BL) and replace it in the talent tree with something that will give us less procs and more steady damage for longer or single target fights, for example more time on dots or an instant all dots are up cd similar to outbreak. It'd be nice if that included an instant 3 orb DP to start a fight with, but ya that wont happen again because of the whole pvp wah wah. Maybe make something work with shadow orbs so theyre more intuitive and not just a one spell useless resource, they couldve just made mb provide a buff that stacks to 3 rather than a whole useless resource. There are alot of ideas, but based on the initial PTR notes for 5.2 they dont seem to think anything is wrong with shadow even tho holy comes close in DPS at points... and dont give me the whole "it's not better" IT SHOULDNT BE CLOSE!

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    Yeah, I really don't understand blizzard regarding the 3 orb at the start of the fight, if we look into cata moonkin suffered from the same problem with eclipse, but they got that right now, we should have a similar spell that can only be done in pve scenarios. Its completely idiotic to have a problem, fix it, but then putting the exact same problem on a different spec... Honestly PI wouldn't be such a good improvement if we had it baseline. The main problem atm is our ressource generation, doesn't scale with haste, doesn't matter how much haste we get, we will only be able to pull 1 DP 3 orb every 25seconds, which is retarded in itself. This should be the first concern blizzard should address.

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