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    Horde Races

    I am considering making a second warlock for PvE purposes, and I wanted to know how the new talents affect the race choice. I will primarily play Demonology/Affliction. Are Orcs still the premier Horde race for Warlocks? Or, if I play Affliction (aka without a pet for the Orc racial to boost), will Troll or Goblin pull ahead?

    Haven't seen much literature on race selection lately so I wanted to ask you guys! Thanks for the help!

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    BiS profile on SimC still uses Orc for Affliction, so I'm going to assume someone checked that it's still the best and it was. So if even without a pet Orc is strongest I can pretty much guarantee that it will be in all other circumstances as well. I think with the Dark Soul 4 piece that it might be closer than usual though, cause it doesn't line up then anymore. But for the future, at least this expansion still, Orc is going to come out on top regardless of spec and grimoire, it seems if it is still best in a tier where 1 racial is useless and another doesn't line up as well as usual.

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    Orc is still the best for any spec, according to what I've seen. But Undead is close, and looks 8,675,187 times better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Regen View Post
    Orc is still the best for any spec, according to what I've seen. But Undead is close, and looks 8,675,187 times better.
    How did you come up with that number?

    Orc is ahead
    Undead is second
    Goblin was third (if i recall the sims correctly)

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    I started with that catchy phone number song, then decided too cliche, and picked the first 3 numbers I hit. It's more of a rough estimate, but really, look at the two.
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    Actually, with 4pc t14 , as affliction , troll is first, followed by orc. All other specs or gear levels let orc shine. But you can really play all horde races (except for bloodelves maybe) and do pretty much the same dps, so use what you like most. As long as you are not going for any world top 20 bosskills or something ofc. If i was horde, i would go orc, can never be wrong with that

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