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    Stat priority for Restoration Shaman in pvp? (Mainly battlegrounds)

    Hey guys.

    I finally got my shammy to level 90 and now I'm starting to pvp with my buddies. But I don't know which stats to prioritize!
    I have 2000 honor and I want to buy the escape trinket but can't decide on which. Also... reforging? I've looked at some armory's and everyone's different.

    Thanks in advance for any help I can get!

    Kindest regards,

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    Get resilience where you can (gems)
    Stack spirit until you are comfortable with regen.
    Stack mastery to around 50%
    Stack haste until you are comfortable with cast times.
    Stack crit.

    Those can differ depending on comp or bracket, but it's what I'd do starting off. People differ with secondary stats, so just go with whichever you prefer. I've seen high rated restos stacking different things. Personally I would prefer a more balanced secondary stat setup, but that's just me. I would definitely start off stacking spirit though, at least until you are comfortable with mana.

    Assuming someone is starting with nothing here, but this is what I would tell a friend how to gear up.

    First: Have a PvP escape trinket. If you have one from previous expansions I wouldn't worry about upgrading it until after other main pieces.
    Second: Get 4 piece set bonus.
    Third: Start buying pieces that are the biggest upgrade (ex. you have 463 ilvl ring and 430 ilvl neck, upgrade the neck first).
    Fourth: I would get the battle-master trinket. It's another defensive CD. It's not omg super imba, but it can keep you out of execute range and save you life.
    Fifth: After big discrepancies, get pieces with sockets so you can add resilience gems.
    Last: After everything is dreadful, start upgrading (upgrade priority 2200 pieces -> 1750 pieces -> 1250 pieces -> PvP escape trinket)

    Make sure to save enough conquest points to buy the weapon + OH when you reach the minimum season conquest point threshold. Do Sha every week and use a coin to get an extra roll. If you are close to the Tuesday reset hold off on buying pieces as you might get lucky with Sha.

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