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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazuli View Post
    Agree'd. Not sure why they got fired.
    They shoved the kid out of the way, which was probably outside their prerogative. If he was physically barring entry, standard procedure was probably to return to the office and start the paperwork to expel him.

    Which would be even worse for the kid, of course, but this isn't about whether the kid was in the right (he wasn't, and he was amazingly stupid and misinformed), it's about whether the officers exceeded their bounds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    They shoved the kid out of the way, which was probably outside their prerogative.
    Or because they searched his room without permission, which they did not have authorisation for.

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    Sure. He was being a douche. He knew his rights though, and defended them. Cops could definitely have handled the speaking better than they did as well, though. Could at least have been polite.

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    What I take out of this reticulated thread...

    1) people will find any way to make police look like bad guys. I know there are bad police...but I would rather live in a country with them than without them...ever think about that?
    2) People take amendments WAY to seriously...the freedom of speech isn't complete freedom of speech people...people get in trouble on TV and radio shows all the time for racial slurs and stuff that is way stupider then telling a cop to "suck dick". I mean does the right to bare arms allow me to own a nuke...hell no. It's wrong enough that people twisted the amendments around to allow the poor children to die last week...but that is a different story. Not really trying to bring up a gun law fight, just trying to say people take things written hundreds of years ago too seriously.

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    If only this guy had a gun to fight the oppressive power-abusive authorities!

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