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    Unhappy Help with modifiers and BT4... !!!

    Maybe I am missing something here, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I am using a razer naga with BT4... What i want to do is, the key bindings that are used for the normal num 1-12 are strictly for combat. I want to have a seperate keybinding for 1-12 with shift as a modifier for cd's and mobility actions (such as teleport, or mount)... BT4 is only letting me use one key for a binding... is there a way that i can do what I want?

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    Use the [combat] conditional in your macros?
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    I tried that, I even tried mapping the nagas side buttons to f1-f12...still nothing... instead i had to map a button on the mouse to change from key map1 to key map 2... which works but is highly annoying until switch back becomes second nature.

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    It was a num pad issue i found instead i mapped the 1-12 to f1-f12 and all is right in the world =)

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