Hi all! I'm currently in the market for some new purple led case fans. The ones I've found are xigmatek only. Is this the only seller of purple LEDs?


I also need to know how to install another 5.25 drive bay adapter for a 3rd front case fan.

Case: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16811815011

Basically the front 2 that are already included and then I want to add a 3rd above those 2, and remove the mesh panels where the Xigmatek logo is and have it just under where my OD is.

What would I need? I would like to keep a mesh infront of the fans as well obviously so it keeps some of the dust out.

The last thing I need to find is some high powered 120mm fans for my H100 to put them in push / pull that look nice in my black (and now wanting to change to purple) case. Which pretty much rules out the really nice Noctua fans as they are a shit ugly brown / beige.. I'd have to repaint them and I'm really not in the skillset to do that type of thing.

I gave away my H100 stock fans (which were nice) to a friend who needed them for her CPU Cooler. So I can't use those either.. Help me out please! Thanks guys.

Oh PS. Any cathode lighting you would recommend? purple being the color I want. If not that's fine I've never been a major fan of cathodes unless someone could really make me want to get them.