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    [H] <Diablerie> US-Hyjal 8/16 Looking for a tank

    Diablerie is currently looking for a new Off-Tank to fill out our tight knit 10m raid group. We raid a limited 2 night/week schedule consisting of Sunday 9:30p - 1:00a PST and Monday 10:30p - 1:00a PST.

    What we are hoping to find is a knowledgeable shield-tank that matches our average gear level of 480+ and who also has a reliable OS that can competently switch when needed.

    We have a strong group that is really on the edge of making some great progress but are currently slowed by the need to PuG a tank weekly. Current progress is 6/6MSV 2/6Hof (Garalon enrage at 25% on 3rd pull). Our desire is to finish Normal mode within the next month and move into downing a few Heroic bosses before T15.

    If you have any questions or think we may be a good fit for you, please contact me in game (battle-tag Krenaa#1950) and we can talk more.

    We do not recruit for bench positions but are always welcoming new members who want to do a variety of things in game and are willing to start a second raid group with enough interest from needed classes (tanks/healers)

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    Still looking for that tank

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