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    Since Blizzard updated armory so it shows your upgrades from vp.. Does anyone know if u need to put in ,upgrade=2 line in simcraft for it to sim the updated items or do you still need to do it?
    Just so i know how to read my sims correctly

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    You could always just check what stats the item shows in the simulate tab, and if it doesn't have the upgraded values you could just add them on yourself.

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    It doesnt show the stats on the trinkets..

    it just shows trinket2=relic_of_yulon,id=79331 and not like the stats on the shit

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    Oh trinkets. Then I think the line is something like:

    Don't ask me what DMC Essence is, I found that in the Sim file.

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    Yea i know how to do that.. But the thing i asked for is if its still needed or not since when u import your char from armory and when blizzard updated it to see your vp upgraded items. Atleast for us here in EU.
    Idk if its still sims the right stats.

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    I did some tests and I'm pretty sure you have to add the upgrade part yourself. It is not included in the sim calculations when you load your gear from armory.

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    When you do it the "normal" way it won't import upgrades and those need to be added manually, but if you just sim a "armory=eu,bronzebeard,whi"(armory=region,realm,player1,player2,etc. - i've been using it for multi-character sims lately) -without previously importing your character- it will have all the upgrades up besides trinket procs, as those seem to stay on their unupgraded level by some reason.
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