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    Exploiting means using an unintended method to trivialize the difficulty of an encounter.
    Actually exploiting means abusing a loophole and or glitch within software/hardware.

    This is pretty much a exploit if you wanna get technical, but tends to be shrugged off as smart use of game mechanics.

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    It's all semantics at this point anyway. Clearly it wasn't intended, as proven by 'boss stays at 1 hitpoint' hotfix and removed too much from the fight for Blizzard to simply disregard it as "clever use of mechanics". Sucks for those who got/planned to get kill that way, but somehow, I can't force myself to feel sorry for them.

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    it doesn't work anymore ^^

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    Well, you guys can debate all you like but we havent been banned, and don't expect the fight to give us much trouble when we come to it again. Even using two healers and giving enough time for a proper phase 2 you can still get the boss to 15-25% during that burn period if you time it right.

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