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    How would you improve your class(es)?

    Hi folks. Recently I was thinking of a few ways to improve some classes/specs that need a bit of overhaul either due to underwhelming performance or just being boring/obsolete, and was interested in hearing other people's thoughts as well. So post 1-3 things you'd like to see as a legitimate improvement to a few classes. I'll start!

    Ele shaman:
    1) An execute mechanic that allows them to do bonus damage in the 20% and under phase. Most dps classes have one now and it would help bring their dps up to par in that critical burn phase.
    2) A Lava Burst whose damage scales with crit (similar to Warlocks' Chaos Bolt) so crit doesn't feel wasted and LvB can do competitive end game damage.

    1) Reduce the number of buttons for BM hunters and roll a few into passive abilities. For example, there's no reason a 15 second Dire Beast can't just summon itself on crit with a 30 second internal cooldown.
    2) Completely rework Survival. It's a lame-duck spec that hasn't had a defined role for years. Since hunters can still wield melee weapons, allow Survival to become a melee hunter spec with a number of cooldowns which improve its "surviv"ability (allow them to throw exploding bolas, take on aspects of their pet in melee combat, etc).

    Arcane Mages:
    1) Allow them to bring something to a raidgroup that other mage specs can't. Fire brings the boom and Frost has a solid role in pvp, but Arcane doesn't really bring anything that the other two specs don't already have. Better movement/buffs/etc, just *something*.
    2) Make their playstyle fun and unique. GW2's Mesmer class is a really good place to look for examples of how arcane can be expanded and improved upon.

    That's all I can think of for now, looking forward to seeing what others come up with!

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    Druid. Can do everything in Flight Form and stay in flight form inside buildings.

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    far too many to count. a complete overhaul of arcane for example. but some minor things i would like:

    -as said something for lavaburst. my suggestion would be to convert crit to mastery when casting lavaburst.
    -let mistorbs generate 1 charge of tigereye brew when consumed (by anyone).
    -let combustion cause the enemy to run around in horror for 3 sec instead of stun.
    -replace frostward with blastwave. the wotlk version but without damage.
    -give windwalkers the xuen talent. similar to the statues for mistwalkers and brewmasters. spell stays the same.
    -destruction warlocks ... total downgrade from cata. might be better now but the fun is gone.
    >change conflag back to the old version, including damage, immolate dependence and ANIMATION! givees 6 charges of backdraft.
    >give back soulfire as replacement for chaosbolt. exact same spell but firedamage and bigger than the demo version.
    >chaosbolt changed to the old (straight) animation. now deals damage and incapacitates the target. targets further away recieve more damage while nearer targets are disabled longer. 1,5 sec cast, shadow, 15-25 sec cd. deals bonus damage against targets permanently immune to cc.
    >give back shadowflame. add a new "impact" animation and make it apply immolate on all targets hit. also allowing the use of fire and brimstone free of charge once. 15-30 sec cd, shadow, instant.
    >rework bane of havoc somehow. it feels "wrong"

    there is so many i would like to do if i could. especially windwalker and (arcane) mage. but i take what i get and wait for the next patch.

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    I play a Guardian/Feral Druid as a main and my biggest complain is a visual one.
    Give us actual cosmetic upgrades that are persistently visible in form, the fire kitty staff was a step in the right direction. I want the ability to change how my bear looks more than just fur color, make certain armor add some armor onto the form or give us other visual changes, maybe a frost effect or wooden bark, Incarnation looks bad ass yet we can only use it on occasion.
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    If this is a wishlist thread: BLADE FLURRY ON ALL ROGUE SPECS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

    Otherwise, meh, whatever.
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    in pvp, blinding light should make the other players screen entirely white for 6s.

    although that would be a little imba.

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    I think all pure dps classes should have the option between melee and ranged. Adding options like battlemage, melee hunter, battlewitch, something along the lines of the nightblade rogue from rift, and making them spec options would probably do wonders for the pure dps population as a whole. Nightblade rogues in rift can switch between melee combat and ranged fire/death magic combat on the fly for those unaware.

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    Mage. IMMEDIATELY scrap the L90 talents and start from scratch with a different idea that isn't fucking retarded. If the idea doesn't involve increasing our damage, a small buff of ~7-8% across the board to all our spells to compensate for the missing damage to keep us competitive.

    I'd also give Fire and Arcane some form of viable AoE, and Frost some form of viable long-term AoE.

    Finally, consider turning Fire or Arcane into a healing tree (I would totally love a fire-based healer or a "time"-based healer. Think about rewinding time to undo damage on an ally! Would be quite an interesting mechanic...)

    Oh and I almost forgot: Giving Arcane some form of mobility; Arcane Missiles would either be fully mobile, or you can get quite a few charges (up to 5) and with each time you cast it, it fires off a single missle, but said missile would be off the GCD, allowed to be cast during other spells, and would do the same damage as roughly 1-2 ticks of AM. Would be an interesting take.
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    oh one more thing, make shadowstep baseline for rogues, and add a new talent to the tier with prep.

    not having shadowstep+prep as a pvp rogue sucks hard.

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    As an elemental shaman, I'd love if our flame shock didn't have a cd. That way instead of accidentally throwing it on the wrong mob and having to wait, I can cast it again. Considering it's our only "dot", why not be allowed to cast it all the time? It's a small thing that I think would be a great idea.

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    I've already made like a big post so I'm just going to request a very simple thing for Windwalker Monks. (See: This post.)

    I wish Rising Sun Kick hit at least one additional target and maybe another for 50% damage. Also, that Fists of Fury didn't "divide evenly over all targets" but rather had a reduction per target so that when there were like five mobs the damage would be similar to other kinds of AOE.
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    1. Too many "press for damage buttons" . Either cut some out, or re-enable cast-random macros.
    2. Fix Ice Trap, either dramatically increase its radius so we can hit with the thing, or make it target-able like EVERYOTHER CC IN THE GAME. I shouldn't have to use my other CC, just so I can use Ice Trap.
    3. Let all specs have exotic pets.

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