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    I was looking for a Fiery Beholder Eye which sells/sold for ~2000g on my server, but no-one seemed to even have one so I was about to give up. I logged on a couple days later and one was sitting in my mailbox for free from someone who said that I'd been the only nice person in trade to them and they'd never forgotten it.

    That still makes me smile, but also makes me sad that someone had had such a horrid time after just asking a question that the one nice person stuck in their mind. Answering questions is hard, right?
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    Sometimes if I happened to fly over some lower level guy being overwhelmed and I'll swoop down and help them out.

    One time it was an alliance guy, I chuckled and kept flying, then felt bad and turned around.

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    I'll always check another rogues talents in LFR and see if they are using cheat death. Got a lot of thanks for that, since having it in PvE is new I think people don't realize how strong it is for LFR when people fail one shot mechanics. Unseen strike on Windlord for example it can prevent a lot of corpse running. Whenever I'm leveling my enchanting or have an excess of matts I'll look for fresh whatever the level cap is an dish out some free enchants.

    I'll always help a guild member out with anything they need at anytime and I'll never ever give some stupid reply to a question asked in trade. If someone asks a question in trade I know the answer to I'll help them out. People seem to really appreciate that, apparently it's a rare thing. I'll also help out any horde or alliance member I see in trouble from mobs and is about to die, or that is outnumbered even though I just play Horde. Gotten a few nice emotes back from Alliance I have saved over the years.
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    I started raiding in just about a month and a half or so and when I got into a raiding guild I was mentally crushed by my low DPS. The guildies noticed my awful damage and pointed it out several times, but I couldn't do anything - I was already trying my best. They didn't know anything about mages though so they couldn't help me.

    At this point I got so unhappy that WoW didn't seem like something fun to me and I whispered a good in-game friend of mine to let him know that I'll stop playing after my current subscription ends. This friend is a great uber-pro pala and I didn't think he would have anything to say to me, but he started talking to me about how and why I shouldn't give up WoW and started looking for improvements for me - told me a lot about pre-potting, macros and other stuff I didn't pay attention to before and later I joined the guild he is in. It's one of the better guilds really.

    I still didn't do good DPS, but as it turned out it was because my gear was total sh*t - I still had a lot of blues on me (not much luck with drops usually). Now I have great gear and I'm getting more and more proud of my dps, but what this guy did for me that night, I'll never forget it Just the way he didn't give up one me...

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    When I first joined WoW, there were plenty of people that provided information and help. I've been lucky enough to know many people like that, even in passing, so I do try my best to return the favor when I can to others- answering what questions I know, and redirecting towards resources that can explain things better than I. I especially enjoy helping guildies with alts, but with heirloom gear that's much less of a thing to do anymore.

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    I helped several players with an overload of mobs killing them. They were grateful after I helped them

    Besides that I've helped many players with many stuff going from giving gold to giving rides to places etc.

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    So many good deeds... I think I've been quite fortunate.

    When I first started playing, I started a rogue as my first toon. This was in BC, so the starting area stuff was harder, especially for a newb. I couldn't complete the barrow den quests on Teldrassil and I was idling outside of the tree after running back to my corpse. A higher level player came up (warrior? rogue? I don't remember) and asked if I needed help. I said yes, he walked me through the entire quest and back out. Of course I said thanks.

    When I was leveling my priest (also in BC), I was also leveling enchanting. I ended up in a BRD full clear run with a 70 druid, who after the run, asked if I had the enchant from one of the bosses. I said no, he went all the way back in with me and got me the enchant.

    When I started my hunter (also in BC), I loved the look of the lynxes from the blood elf start area, but my hunter was a nelf. At about 38 or so I decided to go on a corpse run through the plaguelands to go get myself a lynx pet. A guildy popped on and asked if anyone needed help. I declared my intent, and the lvl 70 druid came out help me. We both almost died running through the eastern plaguelands because I was aggroing everything in the zone, but he stuck with me. Eventually we made it into blood elf territory, and I got my cat. I still have that cat to this day, named in honor of my druid companion.

    I started a new character in Wrath on a new server, before it was easy to get bags. In trade, I asked if anyone had a bag to spare (I never ask for gold). Someone mailed me a full set of netherweave bags, 100G and a bunch of random lvl 85-ish greens and blues I could sell for more gold. That was awesome.

    Recently I was running around on my lowbie mage, who isn't guilded, but is also in full heirlooms. I got a whisper, asking if I had a moment. I said yes, and was asked if I would join this person's guild and invite their alt. Given that I wasn't doing anything, I said yes. I got guilded, invited the guy's alt, and quit the guild. He logged back over, found me and tipped me 1000G. That was pretty cool.

    A few days ago, there was a lowbie in trade asking if anyone would enchant his new heirloom caster mace with 30SP - he only had about 200G. I have the enchant, so I quickly checked the AH for mats. Some of them were there, but not all of them, and those that were were quite expensive. So I whispered him, asked if he'd wait, and I'd go farm the mats. Took me almost an hour, but I got the mats together and made him a scroll. Had to mail it to him because he was afk, but I received a nice thank you note, so I'm happy.

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