I am currently looking for a new home. I have been playing since 2005, mostly healing, and ready to find a home in the game after various guilds broke up or didn't work out. I want a guild that can PvE and PvP. - But realize it is just a game and have a good time with it. A guild that actually runs instances and doesn't just sit around and do nothing. Basically, a place to play with people who aren't huge jerks all the time.

I have an itlvl 487 holy / shadow priest who has done 4/16 heroic, but I prefer my paladin who is holy/ret. I have a 90 druid, mage, lock and hunter. I can really play any class needed, but I prefer to heal. I also like 10 man over 25 man. I can go horde or alliance, it does not matter.

If you have a guild that is recruiting for this, please let me know. I am more than willing to apply, trial period, whatever.

My spouse, who is a huge PvP warrior (2k+) is looking for the same home as long as there is PvP on the realm. We would transfer together.

My battletag is bobdobalina#1767 if you want to ask any questions or anything.