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    I like fire spells...

    So which spec does it better? Fire Mages or Destruction Warlocks? I want to level one, but I don't know which one is better at casting fire spells. I know both do comparable DPS, so I'm looking for which one has more "eye candy" spells, and explosions. My guildmates are pretty split, so I decided to try here.

    Thanks for your help.

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    The only good looking Fire Mage spell is Pyroblast. Flamestrike is decent for the initial impact, but then goes meh.

    On Warlocks I love the look of Incinerate, Hellfire and Rain of Fire.

    However, in 5.2 Warlocks might be getting green fire so even the possibility of that automatically wins.

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    My crappy video card seems to be slowly falling behind the times ever further, and currently fire spells don't really show up for me. Well they do, but they're...diminished for some reason. No other spell effect seems to do this, just fire ones like Firebolt, Pyroblast, Incinerate, Immolate, etc etc.

    With that being said, I recall what these spells looked like at their best, and I think Destruction is what you're looking for. It's a blasty-blast, literally.
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    Warlock for spell effects for sure, Fire and Brimstone hitting 30 mobs at once while rain of fire goes on is hardcore.

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    Ele shaman

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    Ele shaman
    What this man (or woman) said. I have an 80 lock, 85 mage and 90 shaman and in my personal opinion nothing looks better than to throw lava at your opponent, especially when you get several procs and turn into a lava minigun. Oh, did I mention Shamans have a fire elemental, fire totem and turn into a fire elemental themselves? Who needs a campfire when you can have a volcano?
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    The fire animations for Destruction Warlocks are much more interesting than those for Fire Mages.

    Personally I Find the Fire Mage animations to be quite lackluster and boring.

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    We don't allow "what class should I roll" threads here. The answer is too subjective to have a discussion about.

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