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    little inferno... what the...

    little inferno... what is this game i loved world of goo it was quirky and i like games like that building structures to complete a goal but what on gods green earth is little inferno about i just dont get it, it isnt a game it has no point no goals not really a story though it is marginally quirky i cant deny that but quirk doesnt make a game! i just dont understand how games developers can get away with this there is so much indie pretentious bull crap floating around that people are too afraid to say look and play awfully, and if you dont like them then you are uneducated or you just dont get it... im not saying i prefer clones like cod i think its bad that they are mass produced but i just really dont get what the point of little inferno is, im almost offended by the idea of it being a game.

    im just a little bit lost here i cant be the only person struggling with todays gaming industry, if you play cod or halo then your a 10 year old if you dont play indie games your not a true gamer, and if you dont like some artsy fartsy game that is a clone of super mario bros 3 with a less interesting art style and character then you just dont get it and your just a poser

    i feel sometimes people are just afraid to say something is bad because they dont want to look stupid. the best example of this in my eyes would be the film black swan it was bad just bad i said i didnt like it to my brother he replies with im just too stupid it is an intellectual look at the human psyche under levels of stress or something like that. girls liked it because it had ballet in and they wanted to feel sophisticated guys liked it for mila kunis' lesbian scene it won oscars because people didnt want to seem uncultured

    long story short is anyone else feeling suffocated by the amount of crap that is being published and called a masterpiece because peoe lple are scared to say its bad or am i just going insane.

    (one last point its like art in the tate modern art museum there is a picture of a blank canvas and it has a wall of text next to it explaining how its art... there is nothing there but the panel says its art people believe its art because they are told it is when really some douche bag artisit is sat at home laughing because he knows that he has just sold a blank canvas. art moves video games they are all art but the art of a video games isnt the same as the art of a picture its in the story and the experience the memories not some abstract meaningless chore)
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    Haven't read all the qq in this post. But I can say that Little Inferno has little to no relation to World of Goo. The only person behind it, who was involved in World of Goo, is the guy who made the animated scenes between the levels. I guess he just wanted to sell his new game using the recognizable designs.
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    Umm... lots of points in there, but I'll bite on some of them.
    -As for the little inferno, I do not have it (yet), but you should do your search first before buying a game, and this applies to every game ever.
    -As for the developers, well yeah. That's what the industry is like, but you can vote with your money.
    -People are scared to say bad stuff about games? What? Games are getting criticized very easily these days if there's flaws on them.
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