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    Weird Question

    So my girlfriend is currently living in Arizona and I live in Virginia. We are awaiting the end of my lease for me to move out there with her. However, rent here is very expensive, and she is getting started at a new job, so money is tight, and saving up for the move is starting to seem out of reach. She has proposed selling a fraction of her eggs for a decent chunk of change. It would cover the costs of the move, with some extra to spare. Personally, I'm not entirely set on the idea. I have doubts, and I'm sort of against it. We're still discussing the topic, and nothing is set in stone or even in motion. For some reason this idea seems foreign to me, and it feels like something out of the ordinary. Is this something people do when they're in a bind? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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    It's risky because women are only born with so many eggs, so if she would want to have children one day, this could hinder her chances.

    You can see more risks here.

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