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    Is JC useless?

    I dont really see any way making gold with Jc these days? I have JC and enchanting... It seems like all the scribers get the $$ now.

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    Only thing I'm earning with JC now is selling the mounts and pets, gems only go for like 20g on my realm (and thats a low-med pop).

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    I have the same professions and make the bulk of my money from enchanting. JCing is hardly useless though. Not a great money maker sure, but with the new price of JC only epic gems being so low, it's a very convenient professions for personal stat gains now, as opposed to an ungainly one like before.

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    All realms are different. hey made a mistake or nerf when they gave free gems people dump from research and made perfects the same spec as rares.
    Its started to pick up for me though just selling traditional gems.

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    I spent about 10k on ore and my current auctions that resulted from it are worth 30k+ according to the armory. The gem prices are shit but blue rings and meta gems are doing extremely well.

    But yes, scribe with mists dmc is the easy gold right now. Spend like 2k on herbs and make like 4 cards from it, and they total worth 5-10k. It's so easy.

    Alchemy is also doing very well.
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    I've made almost 15k in the last 2 days from JCing alone. Find what's selling on your server. Like yours, most gems aren't worth squat on mine, however im selling 5-6 rings/necklaces a day from 800-1k a pop, plus meta gems are also selling well. My jc is an alt, so no mounts/pets (stupid rep) but there are still ways to make money with it

    also, I've noticed a lot of people STILL don't know that the perfect lesser gems are the same as the regular rare gems. I still sell rare gems A LOT for higher prices even though someone has perfect lessers posted for cheaper.

    good luck!

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    iLvl 450 rings still work on the realms I play on. These are the rings patterns you learn in Jade Forest from the Jewelcrafting Trainer. Otherwise I see no reason to make a decent amount off of cuts gems and metas. Just keep an inventory built up and post them with TradeSkillMaster. o/c it's going to depend on your realm, but I haven't seen anywhere that JC is "useless"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glaucus View Post
    Only thing I'm earning with JC now is selling the mounts and pets, gems only go for like 20g on my realm (and thats a low-med pop).
    its because of low pop, because there are less gems needed. On my higher pop realm they are still expensive, 200g roundabout

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    The standard Buy ores>Prospect>Craft necs/rings>DE>AH works pretty well, dusts goes fro 1-1.5g e/a and each stack is about 25-35g

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    Actually a low/mid population is where you can make a fortune with JC. I play on a high population server and you have to baby sit your auctions. They are usually undercut within the minute of posting and most gems have 100+ of each cut.

    When I played on a low/mid population I made a killing off of gems. The key is to control the market. You set the price range. First you need to know the best selling gems.
    Anything with Major stat +resl and +pvp power sell nicely. What I would do is look at how many of each popular gem is available. On a lower populated realm there are probably 10 or less of each cut there. If they are selling for 20g buy them all! You now control the price. but them on the ah for 300g+ and profit from just selling one. If someone extremely undecuts you again buy it. This is whats best about low pop servers. With a bit of gold you can truly control a market.

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    Except smaller servers have less demand and fewer raiding guilds. Controlling a small market where nobidy raids isnt that profitable, especially if you have 1+ determined competitor.

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    Best way to make gold with JC is crafting the rings/necks and selling them to enchanters for mats. Luckily I have mining and farming for that stupid pick axe I get tons of mats and ore sells for trash on my server so de mats are only real option.

    The only other option I could see is cutting all the greens gems and "hope" for the blue cuts to proc but I don't risk that.
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    Even though my scribe is my main source of income I must say that my JC and Enchanter still do ok.
    - depending what you see as good income. My JC generate about 18-20k pr week and I guess my enchanter is roughly the same.

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    I've found gems a difficult sale as well, I don't know if there are just too many JC these days, but then on my server i find it VERY difficult to sell the Engineering Scopes which are BiS enchant for hunters, and I'm the only one on my server selling them most of the time. Are people just too lazy to invest in gearing up now?

    I do find Proffessions very strange so far this patch. For instance, If I want trillium bars, then its quicker/cheaper to transmute ghost ore than it is to smelt Trillium ore, which i find better for prospecting better gems or just selling as ore. I think Alchemy ended a little OTT this Expac so things are very uneven.

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    It's pretty useless on my server unless you're lucky and got a good cut through research. Still, raw gems usually sell for almost as much as the best cuts so even that's not very good.

    Blue rings and necks never sell, plus they're kind of expensive to constantly re-list when you're being undercut by multiple people every day.

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    My big money makers have been meta gems and blue ornate rings. I literally vendored everything but those and prim rubies my last shuffle and still reeled in over 10k in profit. This is on a medium pop server on the heavy (like 3:1) side. I guess people leveling their alts don't mind spending 300g to have a rare ring.
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    E'rday I'm shufflin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirl View Post
    E'rday I'm shufflin'
    Yes, sir. Rakin' in gold with JC and Enchanting.

    Gems are selling very well nowadays (people finally got gear with gem sockets). Orange is #1, then Green, then Purple, then Red for me. Yellow/Blue are both meh but still sell usually once or twice a day.

    It's extremely important to have all the cuts though. The most "odd combinations" from the perspective of Cataclysm are the ones that sell for the most today. +Hit/Mastery, +Spirit/Haste, +Spirit/Mastery, and even +PvP Power/PvP Res are all big sellers.
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    I make close to 5K a week (casually) from JC stones, cuts, and jewelry. I am in it for the personal stone cuts and the new Voltron mounts. I plan to make all 5 for myself and then relax on the JC for a bit. It can make you some decent money while in between raids, dungeons, or dailies.

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    I actually just dropped JC on my main and replaced it with BS. I am able to make a lot more by taking the living steel I make with my alchemists and turning them into belt buckles. Heck, I can buy living steel off the AH and make around 200g profit per buckle. Plus it gives me something to actually use my spirits of harmony for, since they're pretty much useless for my other profession (enchanting).

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