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    Looking for a good co-op RTS game (not pvp)

    So, me and a friend have just recently finished playing the C&C Red Alert 3 campaigns and we had an absolute blast doing it. Because of this we've been looking around for games similar to this that we can play in a co-op mode (not pvp) but we've so far not been able to come up with anything.

    So just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for games like that? Any help would be awesome

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    Dawn of War 2 is great fun in coop, you get to controll two squads each and you level up your squads and kill stuff. Dawn of War 2 the original have the best campain, there is also chaos rising and retribution but none off the campains is as long and well made as the original dawn of war 2. No basebuilding though.

    There is also Medieval 2 hotseat campain, abit slower but fun as hell, i think both Third Age and Stainless Steel have hotseat.
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    Give Age of Empires online a try, its free to play in a very basic sense, but very very cheap if you actually like it. Something like £4 for a premium civilisation.

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